In-depth after-sales case: Vietnam customers, plate rolling machine


Serve customers well and pay attention to product after-sales; as 25 years in the machinery industry, WMTCNC we do a good job!

Last month, our Vietnamese customer bought a large plate rolling machine with the services of our professional senior sales manager, Joey. You know, this is a large machine; whether it is transportation or installation and debugging, we need to do it ourselves as the seller. As a professional CNC metal processing equipment manufacturer, WMTCNC has always been a trusted partner of customers.

Plate rolling machine W12 25X3000

>>>Product Transportation and Delivery

We are very well prepared to transport the rolling machine to Vietnam, from the safe packaging process of the product in the factory to the container loading at the port to the machine transportation to the customer’s factory. Throughout this process, our production personnel, transportation team, technical staff, and sales staff are present during the careful inspection and supervision. We will carefully pack and transport the mechanical part to see our professionals.

Plate rolling machine W12 25X3000 Plate rolling machine W12 25X3000

>>>On-site installation &Commissioning by technical service personnel

If customers need it, we will have on-site installation and commissioning services so they can complete in-depth after-sales service. This time, our customers purchased the rolling machine mainly for the factory to improve the processing and manufacturing efficiency. Of course, our team also personally went to Vietnam for on-site service and commissioning of the machine to ensure its regular operation.


>>>Received high praise from customers, upgraded the cooperation again

This time, the customer is delighted with our products and services and trusts our WMTCNC team more. Our client is an excellent local manufacturer team in Vietnam. Through this cooperation, the customer said he would choose us for the next machine purchase and continue cooperating with us. Customers will try to promote our products and services even in the Vietnamese machinery market. I hope we get better and better in the future!

Plate rolling machine W12 25X3000

>>>Why choose the WMTCNC plate rolling machine?

The plate rolling machine is equipment that uses a work roller to bend and form the plate. It can create parts of different shapes, such as cylindrical and conical. It is an essential processing equipment. The working principle of the plate rolling machine is through the action of external forces, such as liquid pressure and mechanical force, so that the work roller movement that the plate is bending or rolling. According to the rotating movement and position change of the work roller of different shapes, the operator can process parts such as oval, curved, and barrel parts can be processed.

The purchase of a rolling machine needs to consider the specifications of the rolling machine, performance, processing range, processing speed, and other factors to buy a suitable for their own rolling machine.

↓WMTCNC Plate Rolling Machine Recommendation↓

>>>4 roller plate rolling machine

Machine Features:

  1. The machine adopts the four-roller structure with the upper roller as the main drive, both upward and downward movement through hydraulic motors.
  2. The lower roller makes vertical movements and imposes a force on the piston through the hydraulic cylinder’s hydraulic oil to clamp the plate tight.
  3. Side rollers are arranged on the two sides of the lines of the lower roller, make inclining movement along the guide rail, and provide drive through the screw, the nut, the worm, and the leadscrew.
  4. The advantage of the machine is that the preliminary bending and rolling of the top ends of the plates can be conducted on the same machine.