A brief analysis of characteristics of hydraulic plate shears.


Hydraulic shearing machine is the cutting tool of plate and gold industry, widely used in mechanical industry, gold industry, automobile, shipbuilding, electrical appliances, engineering equipment, plate and gold processing, steel pipe welding, electronic industry, aerospace industry, agricultural machinery manufacturing, catering furniture and various machinery industries. China’s industry has nearly fifty years of history, now the plate shearing machine has become common equipment in the machinery industry.


  1. The rectangular blade of the hydraulic plate shearing machine can be cut with four cutting edges, which extends the service life of the blade.
  2. There is an auxiliary knife block on the working surface of the hydraulic plate shearing machine, which is convenient for the blade to make the micro adjustment.
  3. Hydraulic shear QC12Y hydraulic digital display pendulum shears, hydraulic shears, the use of steel plate welding plate machine is equipped with feeding ball on the table surface, easy to operate.
  4. The blade clearance adjustment of hydraulic plate shears adopts a step-less adjustment mechanism to adapt to the shearing needs of different plate thicknesses and materials.
  5. The hydraulic shearing machine can adjust the shearing stroke, which can not only improve the processing efficiency but also realize the segmented shearing function. Hydraulic shears/shears price
  6. Hydraulic plate shearing machine. Automatic counting of cutting times reduces the tedious counting work.