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WMT Press Brake Machines

We manufacture innovative, CNC press brake, NC press brake, and tandem press brake, delivering high productivity and remarkable cut quality all at an affordable price. Focusing on innovation, customization and exceptional service, WMT has a press brake machine to suit any project.

Benefits of Using WMT Press Brake Machines

Press brakes are essential pieces of equipment that help fabricators to create formed parts including brackets, channels, structural forms, enclosures, ductwork, and custom projects. Press brakes are found in every fabrication job shop and many machine shops as well. Their versatility allows them to be used for many applications including forming. They help fabricators and operators to bend sheet metals and create items of different shapes and forms.

  • In-House Forming Capabilities
  • Reduced material wastage
  • Punching
  • Hemming
  • Complex Forming
  • Production Bending
  • Prototype Forming
  • Automation
  • Flexibility

Types of Press Brake Machines

There are several types of press brakes, and they are classified depending on the type of generation of the bending force. They include:

Pneumatic Press Brakes – Light duty for only the thinnest gage of materials
Mechanical Press Brakes – Force is applied via a flywheel driven crankshaft
Hydraulic Press Brakes – Hydraulics move the ram or bed up/down applying pressure.
Electric Press Brakes – Ball Screw or Belt Driven mechanisms move the ram also applying force.

Select Right WMT Press Brake According to Your Requirements

Tandem Press Brake Machine

  • Use two or more oil cylinders Providing duplex linked or multiple synchronous device.
  • A tandem press brake produces an unusually long workpiece.
  • Especially suitable for city building, expressway lamp poles, automobile beams, and so on.
  • Tandem press brake can be used alone, in order to raise production efficiency.
  • We can design and produce for special orders.
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