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WMT Auto Tool Changer Series CNC Router Machine

We manufacture innovative, industrial CNC routers, delivering high productivity and remarkable cut quality all at an affordable price. Focusing on innovation, customization and exceptional service, WMT has a CNC router machine to suit any project.

Benefits of Using WMT CNC Routers

We serve all types of industries including but not limited to aluminum composite and metal composite cladding, sign making, graphics & print finishing, cabinetry, woodworking, plastic fabrication, metal fabrication, foam processing, point of purchase, solid surface and many more. Every router is built in China, and we pride ourselves on delivering the best technology and service around.

Features of WMT CNC Routers

1) The whole machine adopts seamless welding of steel structure, with strong bearing capacity and small deformation. Linear square rail, high precision, wear-resistance and stable operation.

2) Adopt a linear fixed or follow-type automatic tool change system, the tool change time only needs ten seconds, which saves tool change time and improves production efficiency.

3) Professional factory with Mach 3 control system, can provide good after-sales service and technology support

4) File preprocessing function helps users correct errors in processing files in time and is well compatible with processing codes generated by Type3/Artcam/Aspire/Solidworks etc. In the three-dimensional curve prediction algorithm, the broken line is stable, to ensure the speed and accuracy of the curve.

5) Dust collection and adsorption device: The dust collection system can absorb wood chips and debris during the processing process, and maintain the equipment in disguised form to keep the workbench clean; the multi-zone vacuum adsorption table can be used for adsorption of different sizes of plates instead of The mechanical plate fixing in the past has shortened the loading and unloading time of the plate outside of processing.

6) It has the function of breakpoint and continuous engraving after a power failure, and automatic error correction function when returning to the origin, which effectively guarantees the processing accuracy when working for a long time.

Select Right WMT CNC Router According to Your Requirements

WMT delivers the best CNC routers in the industry at the best value. Get a quote today to start making the most of your operation.

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