Accurate and Efficient WMT Laser Cutting Machine: The Best Choice for Enhancing Production Efficiency


WMT laser cutting machines make the laser shaping from the laser generator fall into the fiber coupler for fiber coupling, through the laser processor software to the appearance of the cast aluminum object, and complete the laser cutting inspection from time to time to ensure the cutting compliance and superior cutting of the cast aluminum cutting quality. Mainly for cutting carbon steel, silicon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, galvanized sheet, pickled sheet, galvanized sheet, copper, and other metal materials for fast cutting.


Why Max Laser Source?
High market share, a certain degree of reaction to brand strength and quality;
Best Chinese brand, high quality, power decay is lower than other brand.;
Service time up to 100,000 hours
Raytools Auto-focus Cutting Head BM110
Automatic focal point adjustment;
Repeat accuracy 50μm,adjusting speed 10m/min.
Efficient water cooling built in design;
IP65 Dust-proof grade;
CypCut Operating System.
Shanghai CypCut operating system;
Professional,advanced technology;
Support basic auto-nesting function;
Suitable for kinds of material and thick metal plate cutting.
Height Automatic Adjustment System.
Non-contact height following function;
Adjusting the focal length precisely and automatically according to the height of metal plate.
Automatic Obstacle Avoidance Function.
Preventing collision due to metal plate warping,other foreign matters;
Avoid damage of cutting head.
Magnetic Hand-held Unit.
Remote control in hand,easy operating cutting head movement.
Magnetic design,could adsorbed on anywhere surface of machine.
Taiwan,China YYC Gear Rack.
High precision&long service life;
Providing rigorous support for quenching helical gears and grinding helical gears, so that the load drive structure is compact, can effectively reduce the driving torque.
Taiwan,China HIWIN Guide Rail.
Each guide rail proceed strict photoelectric auto-collimation testing,make sure the precision within 0.03mm.
Germany Neugart reducer.
High output torque with small rotation clearance;
PCS-2 standard configuration, efficiency up to 98%;
High gear meshing accuracy;
Low noise (less than 58 decibels)
Japan Yaskawa Servo Motor
High speed,high precision,high reliability,high power;
Gantry double drive mechanism has high damping coefficient, good rigidity,could withstand high speed and high acceleration.
Dual-temperature cooling system.
Real time display current water temperature;
Unique dual-water path design,one for laser source cooling,another for cutting head cooling,efficient assist machine running;
Temperature abnormal alarm.
Auxiliary Gas Supply System.
Compress air,Oxygen and Nitrogen support;
Software control gas switch and air pressure.
You can buy the gas in local.
Cast Aluminum Gantry.
It’s manufactured with aerospace standards and formed by 4300 tons press extrusion molding;
Good toughness, light weight, corrosion resistance, anti-oxidation, low density, and greatly increase the processing speed.
Heavy plate welding machine bed.
Heat treated and stress relieving process;
Each machine bed be placed for 30 days to 45 days,and the internal stress will be completely released before processing accurately, and guarantee processing accuracy! the parallelism is less than 0.02 mm.
Triangle Saw Teeth Supporter.
High quality steel saw teeth,make sure long time service;
Frame edge rolling ball design,easy to move metal plate;
Frame edge rolling ball design,easy to move metal plate.
Automatic lubrication system.
The lubrication time period can be set in the software, to ensure the accuracy of transmission system, operator just need to set up the time intervals  in the software and keep the oil container full.