Common types and Composition Description of Bending Machine


CNC bending machine is a kind of machine equipment which is widely used in the range of application. It is mainly used for the bending of thin plate. Generally, it has three main structures: bracket, worktable and clamping plate.

Common types of bending machine

The common types of bending machine are the same as plate shears, which are manual, hydraulic and numerical control. Among them, the manual bending machine is divided into mechanical and electric. In the hydraulic bending machine, there are two types: up moving type and down moving type.

Composition description of bending machine

Slider part:
generally hydraulic transmission, in the composition, including the slider, oil cylinder and mechanical stop fine-tuning structure. Moreover, the numerical value of the mechanical block is controlled and adjusted by the numerical control system.

Synchronous system:
mainly for mechanical synchronous system, the main advantage is simple structure and stable and reliable performance. Its main parts are torsion shaft, swing arm and spherical plain bearing.

Worktable part:
the operation of the worktable is completed by the button box. The moving distance of the worktable is controlled by the numerical control system, and the front and back positions are equipped with travel switch limit device.

Material blocking mechanism:
it is generally driven by motor, and its size is mainly controlled by numerical control system.

The plate folded by CNC bending machine is bent in the middle and has R angle. What is the main reason? What are the specific reasons?
If the CNC bending machine bending plate is bent in the middle, and there is an R angle, it is mainly related to the thickness of the plate. If it exceeds the technical requirements, the professional term is that the straightness of the parts is not up to the standard, which is also a common problem.
The main reasons for this problem are as follows:

  • In the bending machine, the upper tool and the lower tool are uneven
  • There is no deflection compensation, which affects the straightness
  • The parallelism of the upper slider and the lower table of the bending machine is not good
Can CNC bending machine fold any angle? In the absence of arc knife, how to fold out the arc?

Theoretically speaking, the bending machine can bend any angle. However, in the actual operation process, we still need to look at the mold we use, because we need to pair with the corresponding mold, otherwise, there may be problems such as inconsistent angles.
In the case of no arc cutter, if you want to break the arc through the bending machine, the specific operation steps are to first draw a line on the die, then calculate the specific value, and bend according to the drawn line, which can achieve the goal well.

What is the slider stroke of the bending machine?

The slider stroke of the bending machine refers to the height of the slider from the top to the bottom of the rail. Generally, it is set according to the mold and fixture used. The value represented by this height is the slider stroke