Do You Know Basic Parts of CNC Wire Cutting Machine


CNC wire cutting machine is a CNC machine tool, and wire EDM is based on EDM using wire electrodes (molybdenum wire or copper wire) to cut the workpiece by spark discharge, so it is called wire EDM, sometimes referred to as wire Cutting. The control system is an important part of WEDM processing. The stability, reliability, control accuracy, and automation degree of the control system directly affect the processing technology indicators and the labor intensity of the workers.

The basic composition of CNC wire cutting machine tools:

Control cabinet
The control is equipped with a control system and an automatic programming system, which can carry out automatic programming and digital control of the movement of the machine coordinate table during the control.
The main machine of the machine tool mainly includes five parts: coordinate table, wire transport mechanism, wireframe, cooling system, and bed.
1. Coordinate workbench
It is used to clamp the workpiece to be processed, and its movement is controlled by two stepping motors respectively. It is mainly composed of carriage, guide rail, screw movement pair, and gear transmission mechanism.
2. Silk transport mechanism
It is used to control the relative movement between the electrode wire and the workpiece. It is composed of upper and lower carriages, gear-pair, screw pair, reversing device, and insulating parts of the yarn storage drum assembly.
3. Wireframe
It forms the movement system of the electrode wire together with the transport wire. Its function is mainly to support the electrode wire and maintain a certain geometric angle between the working part of the electrode wire and the plane of the worktable to meet the processing needs of various workpieces (such as tapered workpieces). The wireframe adopts single-column support and a double-arm cantilever structure.
4. Cooling system
It is used to provide a working medium with a certain insulating performance, one working fluid, and it can cool the workpiece and the electrode wire at the same time.
There are three ways to input the NC WEDM program:
Keyboard input, punched tape input and disk input. Wire cutting can process all kinds of conductive materials with high hardness, high strength, high toughness and high brittleness, such as hardened steel, cemented carbide, etc.
During processing, the molybdenum wire never touches the workpiece, there is a gap of about 0.01mm, and there is almost no cutting force. It has unique advantages for micro-shaped holes, narrow slits and complex-shaped workpieces. It can process all kinds of dies, cams, prototypes and other complicated precision parts and narrow slits; the dimensional accuracy can reach 0.02~0.01mm, and the surface roughness Ra value can reach 1.6μm.
Processing powder metallurgy molds, inlay mold cavity molds, wire drawing molds, corrugated board forming molds. It is suitable for the processing of small batches and multi-variety parts, reducing mold production costs and shortening the production cycle.