How to Buy A Good CNC Bending Machine


What type of parts to produce, then you should choose a CNC bending machine suitable for this type of part. It is best to be precise. This can control the cost well, but also improve the technology. Of course, this also includes the choice of model, such as: what thickness of parts you produce, then the choice of the bending machine should also choose a suitable model.


If it is a relatively short bending machine, then it is best to pad some gaskets so that qualified parts can be made better, and it can also shorten the time and increase the output. In addition, if free bending is used, generally speaking, the bending radius at this time is 0.156 times, but it should be noted that usually when the free bending mold is applied to a new bending machine, it will generally produce less than 2 degrees Bullet angle.


Special attention should be paid to the problem of curvature, which can directly affect production problems. For example: If the curvature is required to be greater than 1 or less than 1, then a CNC bending machine should be used. Pay attention to the mold. Generally speaking, the deviation range of the conventional mold must be reduced. Generally, it is about 0.001 inches and cannot be too large. If it is a fine grinding mold, the deviation is about 0.0004 inches.


How to choose and buy a suitable CNC bending machine needs to consider the following factors:


①Calculate how many tons of CNC bending machines need to be purchased according to the material and thickness of the sheet metal to be processed and bent. The tonnage here refers to the maximum pressure of the bending machine, not the weight of the CNC bending machine.


②The width of the knife-edge of the bending machine (determined according to the length of the plate), the depth of the throat, and the distance between the columns.


③Whether to choose an electro-hydraulic synchronous CNC bending machine or a torsion axis synchronous bending machine is also a problem to be considered. The electro-hydraulic synchronous type of bending machine can be more intelligent and fully automated, but the price is higher, and the torsion axis synchronous type of bending The machine is cheap.


④ There are many types of electro-hydraulic synchronous bending machines, which can be customized according to the requirements of the workpiece, such as the number of axes, compensation type, laser test, safety protection (laser protection or light curtain protection), etc.