How to Deal With the Common Faults of Punching Machine?


Big Punching machine in the use of the process often appear some small faults, to avoid these small faults affect the use of the punch, small edition for you to introduce the handling methods.

  1. If the heating shaft sleeve of crankshaft bearing is not scraped well and the lubrication is poor, the copper bush shall be scraped and grinded again to check the lubrication.
  2. There is copper scraps in the oil flowing out of the bearing, which is lack of lubricating oil. If the lubricating oil is not clean, check the lubricating condition and disassemble the bearing for cleaning.
  3. Guide rail burning guide rail clearance is too small, poor lubrication, poor contact, re grind and scrape guide rail, adjust clearance, pay attention to lubrication.
  4. During operation, the clutch does not engage or cannot be disengaged after engagement. Replace the engagement clearance of the spring and the lapping key with the spring losing elastic key and over tightening.
  5. When the clutch is disengaged, the sliding block cannot stop at the top dead center position, the brake belt is under tension, the brake belt is excessively worn, there is oil slipping on the brake wheel, adjust the brake spring tension, replace the brake, and clean the brake belt and wheel rim with kerosene.
  6. When the return plate is not working, the position of the striking head is not adjusted. Turn the flywheel by hand for trial return.
  7. If the connecting rod screw rotates or the locking device is loose, rotate the locking device.
  8. The ball head of the connecting rod screw in the ball pad of the slide block has poor contact with the ball pad gland, and the gland screw is loose to scrape the ball head, the ball pad and tighten the gland screw.
  9. Press the button (open) not working, the power supply is open, the thermal breaker is cut off, and check the circuit system to eliminate the fault.

In fact, these faults can be avoided. As long as the daily use of inspection and maintenance work, problems of big punching machine can be dealt with in a timely manner.