How to improve material utilization in sheet metal processing?


With the booming development of various industries, the demand for sheet metal processing is also increasing. With the intelligent and friendly human-machine interface of the overall design, the laser cutting machine has outstanding performance in improving the production efficiency, production quality, and material utilization rate. So how should the laser cutting machine improve the utilization rate of metal plates during processing?


1. During the cutting process of metal plates, the typesetting is still important.


2. In the same model of the plate, try to add a small number of parts on each large plate, which can reduce the waste of the corner material of the sheet metal material.


3. For different models, if you cannot reach the ideal state when opening the material, you can try to combine the two models. Select the right combination, and then typeset to reach a state of just filling or approaching hard work to effectively improve the utilization rate.


4. For irregular shapes, the method of dwelling can be used. For models (such as circular and square), the method of staggering discharge can be adopted.


n addition to the design typesetting, when the production is based, the remaining materials are preferred to improve the efficiency of the balance of the material. It is also an effective method for improving the cost of the board material.