How to improve the processing speed of the CNC bending machine?


Equipment like large CNC bending machine, once wear occurs, it is very difficult to replace some parts. Do you know how to reduce the wear of the bender? Maintenance is the main requirement, and the correct use of the bender needs to be known, so do you know how to use the large CNC bender correctly?

Measures to reduce wear of large CNC benders:

How to reduce the wear of large CNC bending machines? To eliminate long-term machine hazards and prolong the service life of the machine, we need to do routine maintenance, mainly focusing on cleaning, tightening, adjustment and lubrication. Maintenance of large CNC bending machine includes the following:

1、Primary maintenance

Primary maintenance refers to the transfer of priority work to machine lubrication on the basis of routine maintenance. Then check and tighten the important parts to see if they have been cleaned.

2、Secondary maintenance

The so-called secondary maintenance is mainly focused on checking and adjusting, specifically checking the operation of motors, clutches, transmission and other components of large CNC bending machine, and making necessary adjustments when found faults, and then starting up for use after the normal operation, so as to better guarantee the working performance of the machine.

3、Maintenance at three levels

For the third level of maintenance, its emphasis is on detection, adjustment and failure. In addition, it is necessary to diagnose and inspect the parts which affect the normal working performance of the machine. Replace or adjust the parts when necessary to ensure the normal use of the machine.

How to improve the processing speed of the CNC bending machine?

In order to effectively improve the processing speed, the equipment has also set up a lot of programming functions, so that the equipment can complete many kinds of workpieces at one time while running, and achieve higher production efficiency. Users can also adjust the equipment parameters according to the actual production requirements so that the hydraulic system of the equipment is in a stable state so that the processing quality of the material meets the standards. The following is a detailed description:

1、When installing and using metal materials, certain installation standards need to be met, so the materials need to be processed according to the operation requirements, and the accuracy of processing also has a great influence on the installation and use of materials.CNC bending machine is a kind of equipment product specially responsible for the material bending operation. Users can set parameters first when using CNC bending equipment in ordinary times, and then send material into the equipment to complete the processing task quickly.

2、When using the CNC bending machine, the system also has an angle compensation function, which can avoid errors in the process of machining and greatly improve the precision of the machining. When using CNC bending equipment, workers should strictly follow the processing specifications to complete the operation. They should also wear specified clothes and protective tools so that the processing can be completed under safe conditions.

3、When installing and using the CNC bending machine, we should also check whether the wiring of some equipment is secure and whether the operation of each device can be kept in concert. These checks should be done every day before using the equipment to ensure that the material can achieve accurate machining results.

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