How to operate tube laser cutting machine?


The tube laser cutting machine can cut any design graphics on the plate. Fast speed, high precision, one-time molding without subsequent processing. No need for casting, cost-saving, visual nesting, close fit, saving material. Advanced technology can speed up your company’s new product development and recover your equipment investment costs. One machine is multi-purpose, which can not only meet the customer’s cutting requirements for flat plates but also meet the cutting of pipe round and special-shaped materials (square steel, flat iron, channel steel, square pipe).


Widely used in sheet metal processing, advertising sign production, high and low voltage electrical cabinet production, mechanical parts, kitchen utensils, automobiles, machinery, metal handicrafts, saw blades, electrical parts, eye industry, circuit boards, electric kettles, medical microelectronics, hardware, Knife measuring tools and other industries.


So how should we use the tube laser cutting machine?

1. Before the operation, first check whether the lubrication points of the laser pipe cutting machine are short of oil, whether the movement mechanism is loose, and whether the safety protection device is reliable, and the operation can be performed after confirmation.

2. Start the laser pipe cutting oil pump and check whether the system pressure is kept within the specified range. If it is high, it will damage the hydraulic components and waste power. If it is too low, it will affect the work.

3. Adjust the required position and required angle of the parts of the tube laser cutting machine.

4. Adjust the positioning of the parts of the laser pipe cutting machine to the required length.

5. Adjust the vertical lift guide so that the guide die pressing cylinder can move forward and tighten the iron pipe.

6. The clamping cylinder can clamp the iron pipe.

7. In normal operation, put the workpiece into the bending die, and the front end is in contact with the positioning, step on the footswitch to complete.

8. When operating the laser pipe cutting machine, it is forbidden to put hands or other items in the work area. In case of emergency, press the emergency stop button, then turn the rotary switch to the manual position and reset it manually. If a fault occurs, please promptly repair it.

9. After the laser pipe cutting machine is finished, cut off the power supply and do a good job of cleaning and lubrication.