How to Solve These Problems of Hydraulic Shears Machine


How to replace the pipe seals of hydraulic shears MACHINE?

1. Place the upper tool rest of the hydraulic shears machine to the bottom dead center.

2. Cut off the power supply of the machine tool, loosen the pipe of the leaking part and take out the damaged seal.

3. Spread a layer of butter in the joint groove, then put the new seal into the groove, and tighten the connection pipe.

4. Perform an oil-filled reset on the hydraulic shears and enter normal use.


The return speed of the hydraulic shearing machine tool post is slow

1. Refill the oil once.

2. Check whether there are signs of oil leakage or oil leakage at each link of the shearing machine.

3. Check the nitrogen pressure in the accumulator of the shears (normal nitrogen pressure is 4-5MPa).


Hydraulic shears do not produce working pressure

1. Check whether the shearing machine motor and the oil pump are in the correct direction.

2. Clean the safety relief valve core of the shearing machine.

3. Clean the two-position four-way solenoid valve of the hydraulic system of the shearing machine.


Hydraulic shear blade turning over and shear gap adjustment
Hydraulic shear blade turning

Press the button for reducing the cutting angle to adjust the upper tool post to zero.

Remove the guide plate of the workbench.

Loosen the screws fixing the lower blade, and take out the lower blade in order.

Loosen the screws fixing the upper blade and take out the upper blade in order.

Turn each blade over, install the upper blade first, and then install the lower blade.

Check whether the interface between the blades is smooth and flat.

Fix all blade screws and install the guide plate.


Clearance adjustment of hydraulic shears

Use the button to increase and decrease the cutting angle, and place the upper blade of the machine tool at a position overlapping with the two ends of the lower blade by 3-5mm.


Refill the oil once after adjustment, the upper tool rest will automatically reset, and the key button will be set to the cutting position to enter normal use.