Laser Cutting Machine vs Plasma Cutting Machine


According to our previous experience, laser cutting machine and plasma cutting machine are compared as follows:


1.The laser cutting machine does not damage the workpiece, while the plasma cutting machine has damage to the plate. Especially during the cutting process, when the torch and nozzle of the plasma cutting machine have problems, it will cause obvious defects to the plate.


2.Because the laser beam is focused on tiny light points, so the cutting slot of the laser cutting machine is narrow. The cutting slot of the plasma cutting machine is slightly larger than that of the laser cutting machine.


3.Laser cutting machine has faster-cutting speed: the speed can reach 10m/min of laser cutter which is much faster than the plasma cutter.


4.The cutting surface of the laser cutting machine is smooth, without burr, with good cutting quality, which is a non-contact cutting. The heat-affected area of the cutting edge is very small, and there is almost no thermal deformation of the workpiece, which completely avoids a turned-down edge when punching and shearing the material. Generally, the cutting edge does not need secondary processing, but the plate thickness is limited and the processing cost is high. However, the plasma cutting machine can cut 6-40mm steel plate with various models and power. The processing cost is relatively small.


5.The laser cutter has high precision: the positioning accuracy of the laser cutting machine is 0.05mm, and the re-positioning accuracy is 0.02mm, but require higher the working environment condition. Although the machining accuracy of plasma cutting machines is not equal to that of the laser cutting machine, it has a low requirement for the working environment and strong mobility, and it has a wide range of cutting and requires lower skills for operators than that of the laser cutting machine.


The advantage of the laser cutting machine:


The cutting precision is higher, the speed is fast, the sheet deformation is small, suitable for the parts with complicated shapes, but the cutting thickness is limited. In general, for the plate under 8mm, the laser cutting machine is been used for blanking off the workpiece which requires high precision, because the blanking cost is higher, and the cleanliness of the plate is also required.


The advantage of plasma cutting machine:


Wide cutting range, all-metal plates can be cut; fast cutting speed and high efficiency, cutting precision, and fineness are higher than NC oxyfuel cutting. The disadvantage is cutting thick plates, especially for the 20mm plate will be difficult. At this time, higher plasma power will be needed, which definitely will increase the equipment costs.