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CNC Router CNC2040

Warranty:  13 months

Voltage: As customers’ requirement

Color: As customers’ requirement

After-sale service: Available

Brand Name: WMTCNC

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    Efficient manufacturing of wooden products, advertising billboard, acrylic cutting, letter mold forming, and mass cutting. Also, the machine can engrave iron, brass, aluminum, plastic and wood boards, and non-metal materials.


    Specification CNC2040
    Lathe Bed Welded
    Z  TRANSMISSION Ball Screw
    Working area 2100*4000*400mm
    Spindle Motor Swing spindle& saw
    HQD9KW AIR Cooling-China Made
    Transducer 11KW-Fuling
    Operation Software Syntec 6MB
    Typeset Software Art CAM (English)
    XYZ Motor Japanese YASKAWA
    Servo Motor 850w
    Power 9KW
    Spindle speed 1-24000 rpm/min
    Working model Servo driver
    Working voltage AC380V/50Hz
    Vacuum Table Plastic Board
    Working accuracy 0.02mm
    Repositioning accuracy 0.01mm
    Table structure Vacuum suction( Bakelite board)
    Weight 1950kg
    Size 5000*3500*3000mm

    Main Features

    1. Welded structure by thick profiled steel, stabilized under high temperature, ensures minimum distortion, excellent rigidity, and powerful strength.

    2. Y-axis with double motor driving ensures stable and smooth movement of the machine.

    3. High precision rack gear transmission ensures fast speed and high accuracy.

    4. Optimized mechanical and electrical design with well-selected brand parts minimizes breakdown rate.

    5. Spindle with high power enables powerful cutting strength.

    6. Function of continuous working at stop point by power failure.

    7. Vacuum adsorption device is optional.

    Applications of small CNC router machine


    Furniture: wooden doors, chairs, cabinets, stairs, computer tables, sewing machine, musical instruments

    Plate processing: insulation, plastic and chemical, the PCB, move the car body, bowing, track, stars anti-special board, epoxy, resin, ABS, PP, PE, and other carbon mixture

    Decoration industry: acrylic, PVC, MDF, artificial stone, plexiglass, plastic, and copper and aluminum and other soft metal plate engraving and milling cutting.

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