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Wire Cutting Machine DK7740B

Warranty:  13 months

Voltage: As customers’ requirement

Color: As customers’ requirement

After-sale service: Available

Brand Name: WMTCNC

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    Our DK7740B high precision medium speed multipurpose CNC EDM Machine has the following advantages: the whole range of different types, reasonable construction, high rigidity, and good machining accuracy. Precision rolling linear guide rail are adopted for top-grade machines. For high vertical column machines electrical up and down motion is used for adjustment of space between two guide wheels.


    Type Worktable
    Max. workpiece
    Taper Max.
    Machine weight Machine
    DK7712 200×270 120×160 100 / 50 600 900x700x1250
    DK7720 270×420 200X250 200 6/80mm 100 800 1160X880X1400
    DK7730 340×560 300X360 400 6~12/80mm 200 1250 1485X1050X1700
    DK7735 380×650 350X450 400 6~30/80mm 300 1440 1660X1330X1700
    DK7740 410×710 400X500 400 6~60/80mm 450 1600 1830X1490X1700
    DK7740B 450×840 400X630 400 6~60/80mm 450 1670 1845X1610X1700
    DK7745 500×750 450X550 400 6~60/80mm 450 1650 1865X1610X1700
    DK7755 596×880 550X650 500 6~60/80mm 800 2500 2070X1770X1790
    DK7755B 596×1060 550X850 500 6~60/80mm 850 2600 2070X1770X1790
    DK7763 790×1260 630X1000 600 6~60/80mm 1000 3500 2265X1865X1980
    DK7763A 720X1260 630X1000 600 6~60/80mm 1000 3200 2200X2160X1930
    DK7780A 880X1440 800X1200 600 6~60/80mm 1500 4700 2700X2300X1900
    DK7780B 880X1260 800X1000 600 6~60/80mm 1500 4500 2620X2260X1900
    DK77100 1010X1500 1000X1200 600 6~60/80mm 1500 5600 2930X2500X2000
    DK77120 1300X1900 1200X1600 500 6~12/80mm 4000 10000 4200X3700X2000


    Main Features

    • The high quality machine adopts precise ball screw linear guide track.
    • The maximum working speed is over 100mm ²/min and the best surface roughness is less than Ra2.5 μm.
    • High column matches electric lift to adjust the gap of guide wheel.
    • Large swing taper machine matches electrode wire expansion mechanism.(±6-45°)
    • We also produce semi-closed environmental-protection machine.
    • The diameter range of molybdenum wire is 0.12mm-Φ0.25mm (moly wire diameter over than Φ0.18mm should be customized).

    Machine Details

    CNC EDM Machine

    CNC EDM Machine

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