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Wire Cutting Machine DK7750J

Warranty:  13 months

Voltage: As customers’ requirement

Color: As customers’ requirement

After-sale service: Available

Brand Name: WMTCNC

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    Wire EDM is a method to cut conductive materials with a thin electrode that follows a programmed path. The electrode is a thin wire. Typical diameters range from 0.12mm – 0.30mm (0.004″ – 0.012″) . The hardness of the work piece material has no detrimental effect on the cutting speed. It is widely used in die-making, heat-treated material.


    Model DK7750 DK7750J
    Working Table size  (mm) 1000*650 1140*650
    Stroke(X/Y/)(mm) 630*500 800*500
    Max. Z axis travel(mm) 600 600
    Max. workpiece weight(kg) 800 1000
    Cutting angle(°/80mm) ±3° , 15°,30° ±3° , 15°,30°
    Position accuracy (mm) 0.015/300
    Repeatability  (mm) 0.01
    Wire moving speed (m/s) 11.5
    Cutting speed (mm2/min) Standard cutting speed:110-120,    Max. cutting  speed: 180-200
    Power Single phase, 220V/50Hz /  three phase, 380V/50Hz  ( less than 2.5kw)
    Dimension(mm) 1800*1600*1900 1800*1750*1900
    Net weight(kg) 1850 1950

    Main Features

    • Large travel, high cutting speed.
    • With 3° taper as standard attachment. Taper angles up to 15, 30°as option.
    • Small wire diameters 0.12- 0.30mm (down to 0 .08mm).
    • Accuracy: 0.015mm, even 0.01mm( middle speed) Roughness: Ra 1.0-2.5 µm
    • Low consumption, material saving.
    • Advanced CAD/CAM equipment with file transfer and translation capabilities.
    • High cutting speed modular is optional.
    • Multi-cut control system can improve the accuracy and finish.


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