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Metal Shearing Machine QC11Y-12×3200

Type: Horizontal

Warranty:  13 months

Voltage: As customers’ requirement

Color: As customers’ requirement

After-sale service: Available

Brand Name: WMTCNC

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    WMTCNC sheet metal guillotine for sale. All steel welded structure, vibrating treatment of ageing for removal of internal stress, with good rigidity and stability. Remove rust with sand-blast and coated with anti-rust paint.


    Specification Shear
    Number of
    Shearing Angle Throat
    mm mm min-1 mm (°) mm kw
    QC11Y-12×2500 12 2500 10-20 20–800 0.5-2.5° 840 15
    QC11Y-12×3200 12 3200 6-20 20–800 0.5-2.5° 900 15
    QC11Y-12×4000 12 4000 6-20 20–800 0.5-2.5° 940 15
    QC11Y-12×5000 12 5000 5-15 20–800 0.5-2.5° 1000 15
    QC11Y-12×6000 12 6000 6-15 20–800 0.5-2.5° 1060 30
    QC11Y-16×2500 16 2500 8-15 20–800 0.5-2°30′ 840 18.5
    QC11Y-16×3200 16 3200 7-15 20–800 0.5-2°30′ 900 22
    QC11Y-16×4000 16 4000 6-15 20–800 0.5-2°30′ 940 30
    QC11Y-16×5000 16 5000 6-15 20–800 0.5-2.5° 1000 30
    QC11Y-16×6000 16 6000 5-15 20–800 0.5-2.5° 1100 37

    Machine Details

    Blade Gap Adjustment & Electric Cabinet

    Blade Gap Adjustment & Electric Cabinet



    Main Features

    1.Hydraulic system of shearing machine
    • Adopt an integrated hydraulic control system, more reliable and easy for maintenance. Hydraulic system is from Bosch -Rexroth, Germany.
    • All pipes, flange and joint with vibrations proof and leakage proof design and setting. And sheet metal guillotine for sale.
    • All seals in the cylinder are Volqua from Japan, the most famous brand, good quality, and high performance.
    • Overload overflow protection is outfitted to the hydraulic system, which can assure no leakage, and the oil level can be read or seen directly.
    • The hydraulic system is made in compliance with current regulations.


    2.Electrical system
    • Electrical Cabinet under the standard of IP65, Electrical under international CE Standard, safe and reliable, strong anti-interference capability.
    • Protective fence and the safety interlock to ensure the operation safety. Have a movable single-hand pedal switch, easy to operate.
    • Front Side Covers with safety switches, Back light safety guards, Foot pedal conforming to CE regulation.


    3. Blade Adjust and Cutting Precision
    • Shearing angle is Variable, which can reduce the shearing deformation of sheet metal and can shear much thicker sheet metal. The function of shearing in sections, the function of aligning with light.
    • The upper blade holder has an inward tiling structure to facilitate material feed in and also enhance the accuracy of the workpiece.
    • Rectangular blades with four cutting edges to prolong working life, adjustable shearing angle to reduce deformation of the sheet.



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