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Plate Rolling Machine W12-10X3200

Type: Horizontal

Warranty:  13 months

Voltage: As customers’ requirement

Color: As customers’ requirement

After-sale service: Available

Brand Name: WMTCNC

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    W12-10×3200 Sheet Rolling Machine has a pre-bending function for plate edge, and can bend roll the plate one time without anything re-rolling with the combined procedure or bending and bending roll into shape. The upper roller is the main drive roll, the down roller, and two side rolls up-and-down movement is controlled by a hydraulic drive. The up-and-down displacement of the down and side rollers is controlled by the computer. Automatic leveling, display by screen, high synchronization precision ±0.2MM.Turnover bearing body dumping and reset is done through the hydraulic transmission. The upper roll end has balance equipment to be convenient to take of the rolled cylinder and working pieces. There is a moveable independent operation table for easy moveable operation.


    Max. rolling thickness when full loaded Common Mild Steel ≤10MM
    SS304/316L ≤6MM
    Max. pre-bending thickness when full loaded Common Mild Steel ≤8MM
    SS304/316L ≤4MM
    Max. rolling width(Cylinder Length) 3200MM
    Min. roll diameter when max. 500MM
    yield limit S245 245 MPA
    yield limit S355/AISI304 345Mpa
    Upper roller diameter 300MM
    lower roller diameter 270MM
    lower roller speed 80MM/MIN
    Side roller diameter 220MM
    Side roller speed 80MM/MIN
    Working roller Material 42CRMO
    Hardness HB240-286
    Hydraulic system pressure 20MPA
    Rolling speed 4.5M/MIN
    Main motor power 11 KW
    Cone accessory NO standard

    Main Features

    • 4-roller type for bending the plate into a cylinder or arc or cone shape product.
    • One time to finish the process as pre-bending and rolling.
    • The top roller as the drive roller driven by the hydraulic motor
    • The bottom roller works up and down to clamp the material by hydraulic Side Roller can work separately

    Machine details

    Sheet Rolling Machine

    Sheet Rolling Machine

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