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Plate Rolling Machine W12-25X2000

Type: Horizontal

Warranty:  13 months

Voltage: As customers’ requirement

Color: As customers’ requirement

After-sale service: Available

Brand Name: WMTCNC

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    W12 Series is a 4-roller rolling machine. The up roller is main drive roller, through the output gear of the reducer connected with the upper gear to provide torque when rolling. The down roller make a vertical movement, the force is collected through the hydraulic oil force with the piston in the hydraulic tank to tight the plate and hydraulic transmission. There are side roller in the two sides of the down rollers that make inclined movement along the make guide, it is hydraulic drive. The machine has large advantage is the pre-bending and the rolling can be achieved in one machine.


    Max. rolling thickness when full loaded Common Mild Steel ≤25MM
    Max. pre-bending thickness when full loaded Common Mild Steel ≤20MM
    Max. rolling width(Cylinder Length) 2050MM
    Min. roll diameter when max.


    yield limit S245 245 MPA
    Upper roller diameter 350MM
    lower roller diameter 320MM
    lower roller speed 80MM/MIN
    Side roller diameter 280MM
    Side roller speed 80MM/MIN
    Working roller Material 42CRMO
    Hardness HB240-286
    Hydraulic system pressure 20MPA
    Rolling speed 4.5M/MIN
    Main motor power 18.5 KW
    Cone accessory NO standard

    Main Features

    • The 4-roller rolling machine is computer-controlled four roller bending rolls machine with the pre-bending function. After the plate loaded, no need to change into another side edge for the pre-bending and rolling.
    • The machine four rollers has been produced by forge, hardening and tempering treatment. HB220-260 with good mechanical properties, high rigidity, high in anti-abrasion, good for high-load working and long working lifetime.
    • Our working roller side gear use ball gear, small in friction and reduce the active power lose and save the energy.
    • The bottom roller and side rollers movement are controlled by computer.
    • Automatic-leveling, digital display screen, the synchronization accuracy ±0.2MM, high in rolling precision and easy in operation.
    • The machine down roller, side roller can do one-side inclining, and can make synchronization movement in an inclined position for a better cone rolling working.

    Machine details

    Plate Rolling Machine

    Plate Rolling Machine

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