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Press Brake Machine WE67K2-400/4000

Type: Horizontal

Warranty:  13 months

Voltage: As customers’ requirement

Color: As customers’ requirement

After-sale service: Available

Brand Name: WMTCNC

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    • WE67K2-400/4000 tandem press brake uses two or more oil cylinders Providing duplex linked or multiple synchronous device.
    • A tandem press brake produces an unusually long workpiece.
    • Especially suitable for city building, expressway lamp poles, automobile beams, and so on. T
    • andem press brake can be used alone, in order to raise production efficiency.
    • We can design and produce for special orders.


    Specification Nominal
    Length of
    working table
    Distance between upngnts(mm) Throat
    WE67K2-320/5000 2X3200 2X5000 4000 400 250 2X22
    WE67K2-320/6000 2X3200 2X6000 4800 400 250 2X30
    WE67K2-400/4000 2X4000 2X4000 3100 400 320 2X37
    WE67K2-400/5000 2X4000 2×5000 4210 400 320 2X37
    WE67K2-500/4000 2X5000 2X4000 3100 400 320 2X37
    WE67K2-500/5000 2X5000 2X5000 4100 400 320 2X37
    WE67K2-500/6000 2X5000 2X6000 5100 400 320 2X37
    WE67K2-630/5000 2X6300 2X5000 4100 400 320 2X45
    WE67K2-630/6000 2X6300 2X6000 5100 400 320 2X45
    WE67K2-800/8000 2X8000 2X8000 6700 400 400 2X55

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