The Introduction of Upper Roller Universal Plate Rolling Machine


W11S series upper roller universal plate rolling machine is a new type plate rolling machine produced on the basis of introducing advanced technology at home and abroad and combining with the actual situation in China. It belongs to the hydraulic upper roll universal plate rolling machine. And it is used for carbon steel plates, low alloy steel plates, and manganese steel plates for various containers at room temperature. Also can complete the pre-bending, rolling, and rounding of the end of the plate without turning the head after one feeding. In normal operation, the work roll first rolls the steel plate into a cylindrical or U-shaped workpiece. The upper roller can move up and down and horizontally.



Because the electrical control system of this machine adopts a displacement sensor, equipped with PLC programmable controller and touch screen, it can automatically detect the position of both ends of the upper roller and monitor it in real-time to ensure synchronization accuracy. Not only can the product be pre-bent and quickly rolled, but also it has the characteristics of high precision of rolled products, no auxiliary equipment, and low investment.


In pre-bending, the sheet is rolled by moving the upper roll. So that the upper roll is in an asymmetric position. When winding round, two lower rollers are driven by motor and reducer. Because the elevation of the lower roller remains unchanged, it is easy to feed and operate.


Using industrial touch screen, the touch screen of human-machine series can cooperate with PLC to exert good effect. Provide detailed electrical schematic diagrams, electrical wiring is strictly in accordance with the drawings, the numbers on both ends of each connection are clear and complete, the wire terminal block is labeled with the same wire number as the connection number, and the electrical wiring diagram and schematic diagram Mark accordingly.


Upper Roller Universal Plate Rolling Machine

Upper Roller Universal Plate Rolling Machine


The main electrical components used in the equipment are all made of high-quality Siemens products. Electrical protection devices (such as current relays, air switches, etc.) are rigorously tested before installation and ensure reliable operation.


The hydraulic components used in the equipment adopt well-known domestic brands. The equipment runs smoothly, the control is flexible, there is no jamming, oil leakage, and abnormal noise.


The surface of the paint is smooth and bright, free of flow marks, leaks, and other defects. The tipping frame adopts hydraulic tipping, which is faster. The vertical displacement of the upper roller adopts hydraulic transmission, and the horizontal movement adopts a mechanical transmission speed. (The upper roller can be moved up and down or horizontally. And the pre-bending of the plate can be achieved by horizontal movement) The equipment has high reliability and low failure rate.