Various details of guillotine shears


When the guillotine shears machine is operated, it is necessary to check the related parts and rust-prone parts carefully, and maintenance is also important. This also ensures that the machine does not run out of control or tends to be inflexible in operation. It is also important to ensure that the work surface is clean and free of debris. Because the accumulation of debris can easily lead to certain safety hazards. At the same time, pay attention to the distance between the body contact and the machine of the worker. It must be kept within a safe distance, preferably around 20 cm.

Before the normal processing of a certain product specification, the processing size and quantity can be set beforehand. When the number of Machined plates reaches the set processing quantity, the machine no longer processes normally. At this point, the processing parameters can be reset or the temporary shear state can be entered. Power-on starting of the system, the operator can set parameters such as number of shears, processing length, feeding speed, shear frequency and so on through the man-machine interface, and the parameters can be maintained after power failure.

The shearing machine needs manual operation and the control of the shearing action needs a manual operation, which occupies human resources and is easy to make mistakes. The power system of the guillotine shears machine generally uses ordinary asynchronous motor, which can start and stop continuously during the process of shearing, resulting in high energy consumption and low efficiency.In view of these circumstances, the automatic modification of the shearing machine can be carried out to improve work efficiency and shearing accuracy.

1、The shearing machine must be managed by a dedicated person.

2.Dress code, wear close-fitting protective clothing before operation, cuff button, jacket pendulum can not be opened, do not wear, change clothes or surround the body by the moving machine tool to prevent the machine from being stranded. Safety caps must be worn, braids should be placed in the caps, skirts and slippers must not be worn.

3.The machine tool operator must be familiar with the main structure, performance and use of the shearing machine.

4.The machine tool is suitable for all kinds of steel plates, copper plates, aluminium plates and non-metallic plates whose shear material thickness is rated by the machine tool. It must be non-hard mark, welding slag, slag inclusion and weld seam material, and no extra thickness is allowed.