What are the bending methods of the bending machines?


The bending machines works after the screw drive mechanism at both ends drives the slider to the preset position. The screw drive mechanism in the middle continues to drive the slider to move a certain distance to compensate for the elastic deformation of the slider and the frame under load. Its two-way deflection compensation. The deflection compensation value of the worktable and the slider is determined by the rigidity of the frame and the slider and the workpiece, which can realize digital control and realize the automatic compensation of its bidirectional deflection.

How to clean the bending machine?

A) The adjustment and cleaning must be stopped.

B) The equipment should have a dedicated person in charge, and it should not be used without approval.

C) To ensure safe production and improve work efficiency, if a personal equipment accident occurs, the site should be maintained and reported to the relevant department.

D) The finished products should be stacked. After the work is over, cut off the power supply, clean the machine tool, clean the work site, and lock the switch box.


The bending method of the bending machine has two kinds of free bending and three-point bending.


The shape of the concave mold is fixed, the sheet material is placed on the surface of the concave mold, and the slider of the bending machine drives the convex mold to go down, and the sheet material is folded into a certain angle in the concave mold. The bending angle of the sheet metal depends on the depth of the punch into the concave mold, so a pair of molds can be used to bend the workpiece into different angles. The advantage is that the structure of the machine tool is simple and the bending force is small; the disadvantage is that the unevenness of the sheet thickness affects the bending angle, the rebound is large, and the sheet with poor drawing performance is prone to cracks on the outside of the bending zone.


The characteristic of the three-point bending is that the depth of the bottom plate of the concave mold can be accurately adjusted and fixed, which is equivalent to adjusting the depth of the punch into the concave mold, and the adjustment is easier and more accurate. When the bending machines is bending, the contact between the sheet metal and the mold is on the same side surface of the sheet material, so the thickness deviation of the sheet material basically has no effect on the bending angle. In addition, the top of the punch and the bottom of the concave mold are in contact with the sheet material, which changes the stress state in the bending area of ​​the sheet material. The tensile stress on the outer side of the neutral layer when freely bent becomes a compressive stress, which is not easy to produce cracks, and the amount of springback is greatly reduced. , Can get higher accuracy. However, the hydraulic cushion of the male mold and the depth adjustment mechanism of the female mold are quite complicated.