What Determines the Price of the Rolling Machine?


What determines the price of the rolling machine? With the important application requirements of plate rolling machines in various industries, various new types of rolling machine equipment have appeared in recent years. People can choose the appropriate one according to their needs. Then, how much and what is the price of this equipment Is the factor related? In fact, it is mainly related to the following aspects.

1. Specifications and dimensions of the rolling machine


The size of the rolling machine is quite large, that is, there are many types of equipment, which gives customers more room for choice. Of course, the price of the rolling machine of different specifications and sizes is also different. The price of larger specifications is higher, and the price of smaller specifications is lower. For specific specifications and size designs, customers can contact us for customization. If they are not satisfied with the price, they can negotiate and agree on a suitable price.

2. Plates used

The plate rolling machine is a machine used to process different plates to obtain the corresponding size and shape parts required. The larger the width and thickness of the plate to be processed, the larger the volume of the final processed part. The price of this rolling machine has a certain relationship with the selection of the plate that the machine is suitable for.

3. Mechanical or hydraulic

According to the working principle of the bending machine, it can be divided into mechanical type or hydraulic type, and then mechanical type can be divided into symmetrical and asymmetrical. Mechanical and hydraulic types are not only different in working principles, but also in their performance characteristics and applicable situations. You can choose according to your needs. For details, please consult the merchant. The price of mechanical type and hydraulic type is also very different because of the difference in design principle and difficulty.


You get what you pay for. The most important thing to buy a coiling machine in the equipment is whether its quality is qualified. If you only want a low price, then you are likely to buy a coiling machine with poor performance and short service life. Therefore, when choosing, we should comprehensively refer to various indicators and choose a suitable and easy-to-use high cost-effective plate bending machine.