What factors interfere with the work of CNC bending machine?


The normal work of the CNC bending machine will be interfered with by various factors, as is the hydraulic shearing machine. And the interference and suppression of various electrical properties will more or less affect the work of the shearing machine bending machine. Generally speaking, the interference that affects the normal operation of the CNC bending machine can be divided into industrial interference and internal interference. Let’s introduce these two types of interference in detail below.


The industrial interference of CNC bending machines is the electric sparks caused by various electrical equipment in the workshop, such as electric sparks caused by DC motors, contact electric sparks of contactors, circuit breakers, switch buttons, etc. The start and stop of electrical equipment interfere with the equipment through the power supply system, the interference caused by some gas discharge components such as fluorescent lamps and rectifiers, and the interference caused by high-frequency heating, pulse electric erosion, EDM, silicon controlled rectifier and other electrical processing equipment Interference affecting the CNC bending machine, etc.



The internal interference of the CNC bending machine is due to various interferences generated by the machine tool itself, such as improper internal layout, unreasonable wiring, and mutual interference of internal components formed by potential couplings such as distributed capacitance and resistance. Feedback and interference caused by coupling through the internal resistance of the public power supply and the impedance of the ground loop. The unstable power supply voltage and the ripple of the DC power supply also cause interference to the circuit. Poor quality of electrical components, false welding, poor contact, loose metal fittings, and poor grounding of shields are all sources of internal interference. In particular, the interference caused by the virtual welding is always on and off and sometimes concealed. It is difficult to find in the interference of the CNC bending machine.


Poor internal power supply of CNC bending machine is a cause of interference. Low-voltage DC stabilized power supply is used inside the bending machine, which can overcome the fluctuation of DC power supply voltage caused by the change of grid voltage and load. The capacity of the stabilized power supply depends on the supply. The voltage and current of the internal circuit. Under normal circumstances, the power supply quality of the stabilized power supply can be guaranteed, but when the AC power supply voltage drops too much and exceeds the design limit of the stabilizer, the output voltage of the stabilized power supply will still drop, and it will be accompanied by AC lines. The increase of the wave causes the circuit of the CNC bending machine to be interfered by the ripple, and it may even not work normally in severe cases. The reduction of the DC voltage of the CNC bending machine is very easy to check, but it is often considered that the voltage is stable enough after the stabilized power supply is adopted, and the interference factors from the power supply ripple are ignored.