What Should I Do? Common Problems of Metal Shearing Machines


Metal shearing machines are widely used bending machines. It has already been hydraulically applied. It can bend the metal sheet at various angles in a straight line with a simple mold to obtain sheet metal parts with complex shapes. The operation is simple, and the mold It has strong versatility and low operating cost, so it has been widely used.


The structure of the metal shearing machines includes a ring-shaped fixed mold. The center of the ring-shaped fixed mold is provided with a mold cavity. The mold cavity is equipped with a torsion mechanism. A movable mold is provided outside the mold cavity. A connecting rod and a connecting rod are arranged between the movable mold and the torsion mechanism. One end is hinged with the output shaft of the torsion mechanism, and the other end is hinged with the axis of the movable mold; the bottom of the torsion mechanism is installed on the slider of the servo screw.


1. When the main motor of the bending machine cannot be started, check whether the components of the main motor’s starting circuit have overload protection. If there is a need to analyze the cause, check whether the component is damaged.


2. When the slider can’t go down quickly, check whether the slider rail is suitable.


3. The slider cannot be bent or the bending speed is very slow. Check whether it is caused by programming operation, parameter setting, or hydraulic pressure. You can use a pressure gauge, a multimeter, etc. to first detect the signal of the main pressure and the proportional pressure valve, and then Check whether the proportional pressure valve and the main pressure reducing valve are stuck, then check the filter element and oil, and then check the oil pump and its coupling.


4. The slider sometimes cannot return during bending. Adjust the Y-axis bending parameters. The bending parameters should be adjusted according to the actual situation. If the gain is too small, the slider will not bend or bend in place. If the slider is too large, the slider will jitter. The parameters should be adjusted so that the slider does not jitter during the action, and the gain should be as large as possible. Or the left and right valve offsets in the diagnostic program are not set well, the Y-axis cannot be in place if it is too small, and the Y-axis cannot be unloaded if it is hydraulic Failure, need to check the main pressure, check whether the PV valve S5 is always in the energized position.


5. Any valve is stuck, and the oil-resistant rubber sheet needs to be replaced on time.


Bending machines can be divided into mechanical bending machines and hydraulic bending machines according to their traditional dynamic forms. At present, mechanical bending machines have been replaced by hydraulic bending machines. The advantage of a hydraulic bending machine is that it has a large working stroke, and nominal force can be generated at any point of the stroke; the bending stroke, pressure, and speed are adjustable, and it is easy to realize CNC. It can realize fast approach and slow bending. It meets the process requirements of workpiece bending. The multi-cylinder synchronization system improves the bending accuracy and realizes the linkage of multiple units, which broadens the process range.