Why is 10000w laser cutting machine so popular


With the demand of the market, more and more 10000w laser cutting machines have begun to appear on the market. At present, the needs of metal processing customers are mainly concentrated in four areas:


  1. How to improve production efficiency
  2. How to improve the cutting quality
  3. How to expand more business
  4. How to increase your market share


Higher power, more efficient and smarter cutting solutions are an important guarantee for metal processing customers to enhance their market competitiveness. This means that the power and performance requirements for the main production tool, the laser cutting machine, are increasing. The emergence of 10,000-watt high-power laser cutting machine products conforms to the needs of metal processing customers and the development trend of the market. But what needs to be said to everyone is that not all 10,000-watt fiber laser cutting machines produced by manufacturers are “high-precision” products.


Since its establishment, WMTCNC Laser has been committed to the research and development and production of fiber laser cutting machines. It has unique advantages in the production of 10,000-watt fiber laser cutting machines. Although not the most advanced brand in the industry, the 10,000 watt cutter produced by WMTCNC Laser Bull Laser is definitely a reliable case and used laser cutter.


WMTCNC Laser 10000w laser cutting machine has the fastest cutting speed and highest cutting accuracy, and has super stability and consistency in the continuous cutting process of rated power.Equipped with the industry’s top intelligent numerical control system, strong computing power and fast response speed, Strong compatibility and high degree of intelligence; Using the industry’s unique cast iron bed, it will not deform for 50 years and has a long service life.

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