Working principle and using method of plate shears


Plate shears working principle and class cutting machine is mainly used for cutting all kinds of size metal plate straight line edge. In rolling steel, automobiles, aircraft, ships, tractors, bridges, electrical appliances, instrumentation, boilers and other industrial sectors have a wide range of applications.

The working principle of the shear trigger:

The upper blade is fixed on the tool holder, and the lower blade is fixed on the lower bed surface. A supporting ball is arranged on the bed surface to facilitate the feeding and moving of the sheet metal. The rear baffle plate is used for the plate positioning, and the position is adjusted by the adjusting pin. The hydraulic pressure cylinder is used for pressing the sheet metal to prevent the sheet metal from overturning during shearing. The shed board is a safety device to prevent work-related accidents.

  1. Adjust the rear baffle. Align the pattern Topping with the cut edge, then hold the rear baffle against the pattern and secure. Remove the pattern, then load the sheet to cut.
  2. Adjust the front baffle. Hold the rear baffle close to the cutting edge, then hold the pattern close to the rear baffle, hold the front baffle close to the pattern and fix it. Release the rear baffle, remove the pattern, load the sheet, and cut.
  3. Adjust the angle baffle. First put the template on the table to align the blade, adjust the angle baffle and fixed, then adjust the rear baffle according to the template. Corner baffles and rear baffles are used for positioning during shear.


The use of cutting machine:

According to the thickness of the material to be cut, adjust the blade clearance. Adjust the die or fixture according to the width of the material to be cut. Shears before the operation of 1-3 times before the empty stroke, normal before the implementation of the shear work.

If it is found that the machine is not working properly in use, the power should be cut off immediately and the machine should be stopped for inspection. When adjusting the machine tool, must cut off the power supply, when moving the workpiece, should pay attention to the safety of the hand.

Plate shears machine parts should always keep lubrication, should be added once by the operator, half a year by the mechanic to the rolling bearing parts of the lubrication.


Cutting machine in the use of the process may produce the following situation:

Start cutting machine idling for several cycles to ensure that under normal conditions, shear different thickness of sheet metal, from thin to thick. Ensure that users are familiar with the performance of the shears.

Different blade clearance must be adjusted for different plate thickness during shear test. If the corresponding blades are not adjusted, the blade durability will be affected. In the course of shearing, the plate shears open the pressure gauge switch and observe the pressure value of the oil circuit. The pressure should be less than 20MPa when shearing 12mm plate. This remote pressure regulating valve NO9, when the factory pressure set 20 -22 mpa, the user must comply with this provision, not to shear the specified material surface increase pressure, resulting in machine damage.

Pay attention to sound balance when operating. If there is any noise from the cutting machine, stop and check.