Working Principle of QC12 Series Hydraulic Shears


The QC12 series hydraulic shears are plate shearing equipment with linear motion. It tends to be heavy-duty. Generally, a hydraulic shearing machine is required to cut more than sixteen thick plates. Its cutting accuracy can reach twice that of a hydraulic pendulum shearing machine. The following introduces the working principle of the QC12 series of thick plate hydraulic shears.


Working Principle


The working principle of the shearing machine, the upper blade is fixed on the knife holder, the lower blade is fixed on the lower bed surface, and the support ball is installed on the bed surface to facilitate the feeding and movement of the sheet material. The rear baffle plate is used for the sheet material positioning and position It is adjusted by the adjustment pin. The hydraulic pressure cylinder is used to compress the sheet to prevent the sheet from turning over during cutting. Shelters are safety devices to prevent accidents at work.


Oil pump start: The oil pump starts, starts to supply oil, and the hydraulic oil returns to the oil tank.


Shearing: While the main hydraulic oil flows into the pressure cylinder, it flows into the upper cavity of the left cylinder, and the hydraulic oil in the lower cavity flows into the upper cavity of the right cylinder. Because the area of the lower cavity of the left oil cylinder is equal to the area of the upper cavity of the right oil cylinder, the tool post is synchronized downwardly. The oil in the lower cavity of the cylinder flows into the accumulator.


Return: The oil in the pressure cylinder quickly flows back to the oil tank due to the reaction force of the spring, while the hydraulic oil in the upper cavity of the oil cylinder is pushed up by the hydraulic oil stored in the accumulator and returns to the original path and flows into the oil tank.


The QC12 series hydraulic shears designed and produced for thick plates can achieve stepless adjustment of the cutting angle, and the cut plates are not easy to be twisted and deformed to ensure the processing accuracy of the workpiece. More importantly, the shear force becomes stronger after the shear angle increases.


As a cutting tool in industrial production, QC12 series shears are widely used in many fields. There is a very large family of shears. Different types of shears have different working principles with different properties. In different fields, the shears have special machinery and complete sets of equipment because of their different working objects.


Hydraulic guillotine shearing machine


Hydraulic guillotine shearing machine is a special multi-function equipment for thick plate shearing. It is a commonly used model in the shearing machine family. Because of its multi-purpose characteristics, it can be used with other equipment, and multi-purpose shears are usually also It can complete very special tasks. For example, in the automobile industry, it is necessary to cut out the cold bending line of the automobile longitudinal beam. At this time, the cold bending forming line shearing machine has become a specially configured tool on the production line.