4 Things to consider before buying a cnc laser cutting machine


When deciding to use a new or used cnc laser cutting machine. Before starting an online search or calling a local machinery dealer, there are several important factors that should be considered first. Your fiber laser cutting application is different from any other manufacturing workshop, so you don’t need the exact same system to meet your cnc laser cutting needs because they are used on the street or even across town. In fact, your system requirements may be significantly reduced or significantly increased, but if you don’t pay attention to them, you may easily be oversold by fancy buzzwords and incredible speed. The following are 4 important factors that you should consider when buying a new or used fiber laser system.


Cut What? What are you cutting? The material type you are going to cut is the most important factor when deciding on a fiber laser cutting system. The material type determines IF it can be cut, WHAT setup including assist gasses it should be cut with, and WHETHER It’s profitable enough to cut it on the laser.


  • The What: Cutting Steel, Aluminum and Stainless Steel all fit within the parameters of a fiber laser system. However limitations do apply, as cutting 1” Aluminum does not, nor does cutting 2” Steel or Plastics, Vinyls and many other materials . The capacity of a fiber laser cutting system has a “sweet spot” where it is well within the machines range and cutting is relatively easy.


What Power? The power of fiber laser cutting machine is 1000W, 1500W, 2000W, 3000W, 6000W, etc. The higher the power, the more expensive the price. Generally speaking, 3000W is sufficient for the most common metal materials, but 6000W cannot be bought just because it saves money. You need to make samples in advance and choose the right power according to the material hardness of your product.


How Fast? The purpose of our choice of fiber laser cutting machine is because it is fast enough, that is, we must pay attention to processing efficiency. Starting on the premise that the power can reach the standard, the sooner the better, and the service life of the machine needs to be taken into account. One of the important aspects is the configuration of machine operating parameters. Manual low speed and manual high speed affect the running speed of the machine in manual state. These speeds should be comprehensively considered according to the overall performance of the laser cutting machine and the hardness of the processed material, and set them as large as possible to improve efficiency.


After Sale? No matter you buy any product, you need after-sales service. High-quality after-sales service reflects this common reputation and brand image. Big brands are trustworthy. WMTCNC has 10 years of laser product manufacturing experience, provides laser equipment installation and services for 10,000 users worldwide, and is a Chinese laser cutting machine export brand company.