Advantage and Application of 4 Roller Rolling Machine


The 4 roller rolling machine can process and roll metal sheets into various parts such as cylinders, cones, and arc plates. The four-roller plate rolling machine can pre-bend and roll various specifications of cylindrical and arc-shaped workpieces at one time. With the aid of auxiliary devices, it can roll tapered parts.

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4 roller rolling machine

Advantages of the 4-Roller Plate Bending Machine

Easy plate alignment using one of the side rolls as a stopper.
Automatic minimization of the flat end length.

Very high degree of process automation and minimal use of cranes, etc. thanks to permanent clamping of the workpiece between top roll and bottom roll.

Guaranteed rotation traction on workpiece even for very thin sheets.

Easy plate and precise edge handling allows for workpiece tack welding on the machine.

Easy cone rolling and cone pressing using angle side roll positions and cone bending accessories.


The Base Frame

All machine frames are designed for maximum stability under bending forces, including asymmetric loads and torque. A very compact design and the fact that no dynamic process forces will be inducted into the foundations allow for low machine pit constructions costs.


Rotational Top and Bottom Roller Drives

Roller drives are defined by the installed maximum power and torque. The bigger maximum torques will be the bigger bending steps can be during roll bending which typically allows for shorter production times.

All drives feature fast-reacting hydraulic brakes to stop the rolls and avoid unexpected plate movement during pre-bending.


WMT offers a wide range of special solutions for various industries. Only few of them are shown below.

Wind towers and monopiles For on- and off-shore use

Semi-fi nished Products

WMT is manufacturing a wide range of special bending machines for products such as bushes, bush bearings, crankcases and catalyser housings.

Silo Construction
Cylindrical silos for the storage of various goods