What are the Performance Characteristics of Hydraulic Shears?


Characteristics of hydraulic shears


1. The rectangular lower blade of the hydraulic shears can be cut with four cutting edges, which prolongs the service life of the blade.
2. Auxiliary knife seat is installed on the working table of the hydraulic shearing machine, which is convenient for the micro-adjustment of the blade.
3. Hydraulic shear QC12Y hydraulic digital display pendulum shearing machine, hydraulic shearing machine, new R&F brand shearing machine, using steel plate welding knotting machine work surface equipped with feeding balls, easy to operate.
4. The blade gap adjustment of the hydraulic shearing machine adopts a step-less adjustment mechanism to adapt to the shearing needs of different plate thicknesses and materials.
5. The hydraulic shearing machine adjusts the cutting stroke, which can not only improve the processing efficiency but also realize the segmented cutting function. Hydraulic shearing machine/shearing machine price
6. Hydraulic shearing machine. The number of shears is automatically counted, which reduces the tedious inventory work.

The hydraulic system of hydraulic shears

1. The advanced integrated hydraulic system reduces the installation of pipelines and ensures a high degree of reliability and safety in the operation of the machine tool.
2. Pressing mechanism: After several pressurizing oil cylinders installed on the support plate in front of the frame is fed into the oil, the shearing machine manufacturer, the presser head presses down after overcoming the tension of the tension spring.