Basic requirements for troubleshooting of hydraulic metal shearing machine


To improve the troubleshooting speed of the hydraulic metal shearing machine, spare parts are indispensable. On the one hand, after a problem is found, the normal use of the hydraulic machine tool cannot be restored without spare parts. On the other hand, if there are enough spare parts when diagnosing the fault, the spare parts replacement method can be used to confirm the fault as soon as possible, so it is very important to store the necessary spare parts to ensure normal operation of the CNC hydraulic machine tool.

The basic concept of CNC shearing machine tool faults and the necessity of maintenance. CNC shearing machine tools lose all or part of the functions specified by the machine tool, which is called the fault of CNC machine tools. Compared with the traditional machine tool, in addition to mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, and pneumatic failures, there will also be system failures and servo control system failures, and it is still very difficult to repair the latter two failures.

After the CNC hydraulic metal shearing machine fails, it often affects the normal operation of the production line, so it is necessary to eliminate the fault in time to restore the normal operation of the equipment. Since the precision and efficiency of CNC machine tools are relatively high, maintenance personnel should have a little theoretical foundation and maintenance experience, as well as sufficient information, corresponding tools, and spare parts for wearing parts.

Any CNC machine tool is a kind of process control equipment, which requires real-time control. Works flawlessly every moment. Faults and failures of any part will stop the machine tool and cause production to stop. Therefore, familiarity with and mastering the working principle and composition of the CNC system is the basis for doing a good job in maintenance.