What is a hydraulic press brake machine?


The hydraulic control system of the hydraulic press brake machine is a central brain for the bending machine itself. In the production of bending machines, it requires a high automation and standardization rate.


The hydraulic press brake machine has high labor productivity and high working accuracy for bending metal plates. It uses different shapes of upper and lower molds to be bent into various shapes of workpieces. Bend formed, you can get more complex workpieces after bending multiple times. When equipped with corresponding equipment, you can also be used for punching.


Specification of hydraulic bending machine operation:

  1. Before the operation, you must read the instructions of this machine in detail to be familiar with and master the structure, performance and adjustment method of bending machine.
  2. When operating by multiple people, it is necessary to confirm that there are no insecure factors before stepping down the switch.
  3. The hydraulic bending machine can withstand some partial loads (suitable at the right end), and its large load pressure value is 120kn (Thousand Niu)
  4. The gap between the upper and lower molds must be adjusted evenly. When working, any tools are not allowed to be placed on the lower mold and the workbench. There must be no defects such as welding scars on the surface of the workpiece.
  5. To keep it regularly, in use, you should pay attention to the situation of the bending machine at any time. If abnormalities are found, it should be stopped immediately.
  6. Modular V is generally selected as 8 times thick, that is, V = 8S is preferably, and the bending plate of the hydraulic bending machine is large thickly with a large thickness of 16mm.


What should I pay attention to when using hydraulic bending machine?

The use of the hydraulic bending machine must strictly follow the operating program, and the precautions for processing with the bending machine are: pay attention to the positioning method during processing and the running method in the processing method in various ways of processing. like:

(1) Bend during the formal installation of the mold, and then pull the rules to prevent the workpiece from deforming during the bending process.

(2) When the internal bending of large workpieces, due to the large shape of the workpiece, the bending area is small, making it difficult for the knife and bending area to overlap, resulting in the difficulty of bending workpiece positioning or damage to the bending workpiece.

(3) In order to avoid the above situation, it can be added with a limit point in the direction of the processing, so that the processing is located from two directions to make the processing positioning convenient and avoid the damage of the workpiece. Production efficiency.

(4) The precautions of the shape bending are: When bending small size, pay attention to whether the bending model is interfered with the rear regulations (the range of the interference of the positive and negative decoration of each tool is different).