Bending Machine Pressure Adjustment


During the bending process of CNC bending machine , we often encounter some difficult-to-hold positioning. Just like adjust the pressure. 

There are certain processing hidden dangers in the processing process, and some small-size parts with large production efficiency and low production efficiency in a single batch . which optimizes by custom-made special forming molds on the bending machine.


Compared with the previous hard die processing by press, the special forming molds matched with the bending machine are more flexible in mold switching, debugging and processing, and the return on mold investment is higher.


Processing on the bending machine, the production efficiency is more significant, the product quality is more stable, and the hidden safety hazards of small-sized parts in the processing of the bending machine in the past avoid effectively.


Press Brake Bending Press is calculated according to the tensile strength of the plate.

If you work with different sheet properties, although the calculated values are the same; the actual force required is naturally different. The external factors are the same, just the bending machine problem.


We can adjust the bending force in two ways:

Adjust the tensile strength of the plate in the numerical control system.

Adjust the DA value in the system Settings.

Bending machine is sheet metal processing equipment with high requirements on strength. Different CNC systems, different adjustment methods. Users adjust according to the specific system.

Correct Use of CNC Bending Machinery
First, turn on the power

Switch on the control panel before starting the oil pump. So you can hear the pump turning. At this point, the machine does not run.


Stroke adjustment

Pay attention to adjusting stroke! Must test before bending! When the upper die runs down to the bottom, there must be a gap of plate thickness. Otherwise, it will cause damage to the mold machine. Stroke adjustment is divided into: electric quick adjustment and manual fine-tuning.


Bending notch selection

Generally, the width of the notch is 8 times the thickness of the plate. Such as: bending 4mm plate, need to choose about 32mm notch.


Adjustment of rear retainer

Generally, there are electric quick adjustment and manual fine adjustment. The method is the same as the plate shears.


Step on the foot switch to start bending

CNC bending machines and plate shears are different. The foot switch can be released at any time. Release it and the machine stops. Step again and continue running.