How to operate a CNC press brake?


A CNC bending machine is a machine that can bend the plate. The structure mainly includes a stand, a workbench, and a clamping plate. The workbench is placed on the bracket. The workbench is composed of the base and the pressure plate. The plate is connected, and the base consists of the shell, coil, and cover plate. In the field of CNC plate bending machine technology, the research and application of real-time intelligent control are along: adaptive control, neural network control, expert control, learning control, feedback control, and other aspects. Because the CNC plate bending machine uses electromagnetic clamping the pressure plate can be made into a variety of workpieces, and the workpiece of the sidewall can be processed. It is also very easy to control.

CNC bending machine uses the user interface graphics. The unified group control system can automatically adjust the information activity according to different production processes, and perform the functions of the group control system. The user interface is the dialog interface between the CNC plate bending machine system and the user. The graphic user interface should be suitable for the use of various users, including non -professional users, and manipulated through the window and menu. Graphic simulation, graphical dynamic tracking, simulation, and fast programming. Users can develop secondary development of the CNC plate bending machine system according to their needs, and the user’s scope of use is no longer restricted by the manufacturer. The CNC plate bending machine system adopts a new generation of modular design. The functional cage has wider and more reliable. It can be satisfied with the needs of different users.

Introduction to the working method of CNC bending machine:

(1) Set the pressure-keeping time, the pressure removal time, the horizontal retreat distance, and adjust the horizontal blocking position of the bending machine of the CNC plate.

(2) Set the number of workers on the CNC plate bending machine and the number of bending positions for each step.

(3) Select the continuous operation gear. The lower pressure bending mechanism is not in the upper stroke opening position. First, automatically return to the itinerary switch position. Step on the foot slowly, and the downward bending mechanism automatically under pressure. Set the distance from the material blocking agency, and automatically keep the pressure. At the same time, the pressure of the bending machine of the CNC plate is automatically carried out. Follow. When it comes to the itinerary, the bending action is over, and the next bend is performed.

(4) At present, the number of bending times is completed, encountered the itinerary switch, the horizontal blocking position is automatically adjusted, and the CNC plate bending machine enters the next step of bending action.

(5) All walking actions are completed, the itinerary switch is encountered, and the bending machine continuously bends the CNC plate bending is over.


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