Do You Know Some Operation Rules for Plate Rolling Machine?


1. Strictly abide by the safety operation rules of machine tool workers, and wear labor protection articles as required;
2. Before starting, carefully check whether the motor, switch, circuit and grounding are normal and firm, and check whether the operating parts and buttons of the equipment are stuck in the correct position;
3. Check the coincidence and firmness of the upper and lower dies; check whether the positioning devices meet the requirements of being processed;
4. When the upper slide plate and each positioning axis are not at the origin, run the program of returning to the origin;
5. After the equipment is started, it shall be idled for 1-2 minutes, and the upper sliding plate shall be moved for 2-3 times in full stroke. In case of any abnormal sound or fault, it shall be stopped immediately, and the fault shall be removed, and it can only be operated after all is normal;
6. One person shall be responsible for the unified command during the work, so that the operator and the material feeding and pressing personnel can cooperate closely, and the bending signal can be sent only when all the cooperating personnel are in a safe position;
7. The plate shall be compacted during bending to prevent the plate from lifting and hurting people during bending;
8. Cut off the power supply when pressing the plate material and stop the operation;
9. When changing the opening of the variable lower die, no material is allowed to contact with the lower die;
10. When the machine tool is working, no one is allowed to stand at the back of the machine tool;
11. It is strictly prohibited to press and fold the sheet material at one end separately;
12. If the workpiece or mold is found to be out of alignment during operation, stop the machine for correction. It is strictly forbidden to use hands for correction during operation to prevent hand injury;
13. It is forbidden to fold over thick iron plate or quenched steel plate, alloy steel, square steel and plates exceeding the performance of plate bender to avoid damaging the machine tool;
14. Check the coincidence of the upper and lower dies frequently; check whether the indication of the pressure gauge meets the requirements;
15. Stop the machine immediately in case of any abnormality, check the causes and eliminate them in time;
16. Before shutdown, place wood blocks on the lower die under the oil cylinders on both sides to lower the upper slide plate onto the wood blocks;
17. Exit the control system program first, and then cut off the power supply.