What are the advantages of the four-roll plate rolling machine, do you know?


The four-roll plate bending machine has the function of bending the plate end, which can feed the metal plate at one time, and can complete the plate end bending and workpiece rolling without turning around. The work roll on the machine is the main drive roll, and the lower roll and the two side rolls are lifted and lowered by hydraulic transmission. The lifting displacement is controlled by the computer, which is automatically leveled and displayed on the screen. The tilting and resetting of the inclined support body adopts hydraulic transmission, and the balance mechanism is installed at the tail of the upper roller, which can easily unload the rolled workpiece and the cylinder.

Learn about the advantages and features of the four-roll plate rolling machine:

  1. This model is a digital display control system, the large-screen display is intuitive and clear, the numerical value is accurate and reliable, and the operation is simple and easy to operate. The system is equipped with various interlocking protection measures to effectively prevent misoperation.
  2. The operating system is equipped with EPS electronic automatic leveling system, which can automatically adjust the parallelism of the motion axis to ensure product quality.
  3. It can complete feeding, pre-bending and rounding in one rolling process. The remaining straight edge of the pre-bending is less than or equal to 1.5 times the thickness of the plate, and the rounding precision is high, which can meet the requirements of automatic welding.
  4. The inverted roller cylinder technology is adopted to effectively reduce the height of the fuselage while improving the sliding stability and reducing equipment failures, which largely meets the requirements of ground installation and reduces the construction cost of infrastructure such as user equipment foundation pits.
  5. In strict accordance with the process requirements, annealing and shot peening are performed on welded parts such as the frame to eliminate internal pressure and improve the strength and stability of the body.
  6. Equipped with inner lifting frame and outer bracket, which can effectively control the self-weight deformation of the workpiece during coiling, assist coiling, reduce labor, and improve product quality and work efficiency.
  7. The plate rolling machine is equipped with four-roller roller cone device technology, which can meet the requirements of users for roller cone workpieces. The operation is convenient, the cost is low, and the rolling quality is good.
  8. Auxiliary equipment. It can realize fast and safe pre-bending without damage to the edge of the board; the lower support material includes a material alignment device, which can eliminate the wrong edge caused by the rolling process. The upper support material is mainly set up to cooperate with the rolling of large-diameter cylinders, and can replace the overhead lifting equipment to cooperate with the plate rolling.


In general, the CNC four-roller bending machine is a metal sheet bending correction machine, which is specially used for the forming and bending of metal sheets. The pre-bending and hemming of cylindrical and arc-shaped workpieces of various specifications can be completed in one feeding, and conical cylinders can be rolled with the aid of auxiliary devices. It can also roughly reshape sheet metal. The four-roll plate bending machine can directly pre-bend the end of the plate without the help of other equipment and molds, and the remaining straight edges are small; compared with the asymmetric three-roll plate bending machine, the plate can be rolled into a workpiece without turning around. This not only improves the efficiency and ensures the quality of the workpiece, but also the process is simple, the operation is convenient, and the labor intensity of the workers is reduced.