Five tips to help you choose the right shears


With the development of the economy, my country’s heavy industry is also developing rapidly. Machine tools such as shears, bending machines, and punching machines are indispensable equipment in various industries. Such machine tools range from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands or even millions. How to buy products you like has become a problem. WMT summarizes years to experience in this industry for your reference.


During the purchase period, you should pay attention to the following points:

1. First of all, consider the sheet metal to be cut and the maximum processing thickness and length and use these to determine the model of the machine to be purchased. Of course, you can contact the manufacturer for a recommendation if you are not sure. Special attention should be paid to the need to expand the scale of the enterprise in the future when purchasing, and it is best to leave a certain margin before determining the model of the machine. After the model of the machine is determined, learn more about the usage of the purchased machine tools, the quality of the machine, and especially the after-sales service.


2. Confirm which manufacturers are producing the machine to be purchased. In this link, friends are often the easiest to ignore, because no matter which manufacturer is contacted, basically the manufacturer will tell the professional production of this model of a product. But in fact, different manufacturers often produce different models, and manufacturers often provide various models of products by adjusting goods. The after-sales service of such purchased products is not very reliable. It is recommended to choose WMT. Our company integrates production and sales and independently develops and produces various types of shears. The installation, use, maintenance, and repair of after-sales services are all guided by engineers personally on-site, and the quality is guaranteed.


3. After contacting several companies that produce machines and obtaining the machine’s price, parameters, payment, and delivery methods, the most important step are to choose the manufacturer to buy. Generally, after removing the highest and lowest prices, choose a trustworthy manufacturer, so that you can get a better price-performance ratio while ensuring quality and after-sales service.


4. The next step is to sign a contract to pay the deposit, take delivery of goods with money or pay on delivery and other related matters. If possible, it is best to check with the manufacturer. Generally, you can buy the favorite products through the above steps!


5. Finally, I will introduce you to the classification of common shears. You can quickly determine which type of shears you need according to your product requirements. Shearing machines belong to the class of linear shears, which are mainly used to cut the straight edges of metal sheets of various sizes. It is widely used in various industrial sectors such as steel rolling, automobiles, airplanes, ships, tractors, bridges, electrical appliances, instruments, boilers, and pressure vessels.