How to choose the best tool for woodworking engraving machine in different industries


Woodworking industry: as long as it is suitable for hardwood relief carving, carving processing of mahogany classical furniture and antique furniture, wood carving technology, gift wooden box, mahogany jewelry box and other products, inkstone head art carving processing, decorative jewelry carving, jewelry fine carving;

Advertising industry: it is suitable for processing all kinds of colorful signs and molds, such as: signboards, building models, badges, nameplates, exhibition boards, logo, door plates, signs, craft decoration, furniture decoration, etc.

If a tool is selected correctly, it will bring us twice the result with half the effort. Similarly, when we choose the wrong tool, it will play the opposite role. Here we will introduce the problems that should be paid attention to in the selection of woodworking carving machine tool.

  1. Single edge spiral milling cutter is recommended for acrylic cutting. It is characterized by smokeless and tasteless processing, high speed, high efficiency, no chip sticking, and real environmental protection. Its special manufacturing process ensures that the processing of acrylic does not explode, extremely fine knife lines (even no knife lines) and smooth surface. The grinding effect of the machined surface should be achieved, and the double-edged and three edged spiral milling cutter is recommended.
  2. Double edge large chip removal spiral milling cutter is recommended for cutting high density board. It has two high-capacity chip removal grooves and double-edge design. It not only has good chip removal function, but also achieves good tool balance. When processing medium and high density board, it has the characteristics of no blackening, no smoking and long service life.
  3. For cutting and processing of aluminum plate, it is recommended to use milling cutter for single edge aluminum. The process is non stick knife, fast and high efficiency.
  4. Precision small relief processing, recommend the use of round bottom cutter.
  5. Cork, density board, original wood, PVC, acrylic large deep relief processing, single edge spiral ball end milling cutter is recommended.
  6. Single edge and double edge up and down cutters are recommended for burr free cutting.
  7. For high density board and solid wood, edge cutter is recommended.
  8. Double edge straight groove milling cutter is recommended for multi-layer plate and splint processing.
  9. The use effect of the undercutting tool is that there is no burr on the upper surface of the processed product and there is no warping during processing.
  10. Diamond carving knife is recommended for acrylic mirror engraving.
  11. The multi stripe milling cutter is recommended for rough processing particleboard.