How to Choose Shearing Machine?


Shearing machines are used for cutting all kinds of metal plates. It is widely used in industry. In the manufacturing system of plate flexibility, the numerical control shearing machine is often indispensable. Plate shears belong to the type of straight-line cutting, mainly used to cut the straight edge of various sizes of metal plates. The plate can be cut to a certain length by using the back retaining device or the front retaining device. When the back baffle is warped, any length of cutting can be carried out. Where metal plates are produced or used, such as steel rolling, automobiles, airplanes, ships, agricultural machinery, rolling stock, bridges, electrical appliances, instruments, electronics, boilers, pressure vessels and many other industrial sectors widely use plate shears.

At present, in the market, most of the plate shears are supplied by domestic manufacturers, and few of them are imported. Domestic manufacturers include WMT CNC Industrial Co, etc. The thickness of shearing machines are usually 0.5-6mm. The plate with thickness of 12mm can be cut, and the plate with special specification can be cut thicker.

Shearing machines are widely used in industrial production, but the price is tens of thousands at a low price, often tens of thousands to millions. How to choose a suitable plate shears has become a problem.

Purchase process

  1. According to their own demand parameters, determine the specification parameters of the machine to be purchased. Colleagues should also consider that there is a certain amount of demand to determine the machine parameters after expanding the enterprise scale in the future. Especially for the shearing machines, for the required range of the thickness of the shearing material, after the size of the slitting machine and the extremely model parameters are determined, the manufacturer can be contacted for purchase.
  2. It’s easy to ignore in this link to confirm which manufacturers are to be purchased. No matter which manufacturer is contacted, the manufacturer will basically inform the professional manufacturer of the product of this model. In fact, different manufacturers will inform that the model is often different, and the manufacturer often provides various models of products through the way of goods transfer. So users should pay special attention to choose the right one for themselves.
  3. After contacting many enterprises producing machines and obtaining the price, parameters, payment and delivery methods of machines, the most important part is to choose the manufacturer to purchase. In general, select a reliable manufacturer after removing the highest and lowest price, so as to obtain better cost performance, and ensure the quality and after-sales service of colleagues.
  4. Select a few special manufacturers for comparison, and learn about the use, quality and after-sales service of the machine tools purchased around. Comprehensive consideration, choose the best price, the best service manufacturers.
  5. After confirming the manufacturer, the next step is to sign a contract to pay the deposit, pick up the goods with money or pay on delivery.

The process of purchasing shearing machines are roughly the same. According to the type of plate shears, they can be divided into two categories: gate type and pendulum type; according to the transmission mode, they can be divided into mechanical type, mechanical hydraulic type and hydraulic type. At present, they are mainly hydraulic type. The main characteristics of the hydraulic plate shears are that the shear force remains unchanged in the stroke, the work is safe, the damage caused by the accident overload can be prevented, the quality is lighter, the large-scale mechanical transmission parts and hydraulic components do not need to be manufactured, the degree of generalization is very high, it is easy to maintain and replace, it is easy to adjust a certain parameter value, and it is easy to realize automation, there is no need for additional cam pressing oil tank or separate hydraulic system.

Selection of configuration and structure

When purchasing a plate shearer, the configuration and structure of the plate shearer also need to be distinguished carefully. The CNC system of plate shears generally adopts a special CNC system, usually cybelec company in Switzerland and delem company in Netherlands. Before and after the shearing process, the mechanical auxiliary devices of the shearing machine are generally selected and matched, mainly including feeding device, feeding device, discharging device, sorting, stacking and renting device.

The structure of shearing machine is generally composed of fuselage, upper and lower tool rest, transmission system {or hydraulic system}, press, back retaining frame, blade gap adjustment mechanism, drag device and alignment device.

Machine body

The machine body is generally composed of left and right vertical plates, worktable and connecting crossbeam. It is mostly of integral welding structure, with light weight, good strength and rigidity. In recent years, many users think that there is no need for throat when they use plate shears. In the parameter standard of shearing machine made in our country, there is no rigid specification for throat depth.

Upper carriage

The upper carriage of the mechanical shearing machine is divided into the gate type upper carriage and the pendulum type upper carriage, which are usually guided by three-point roller, or self-lubricating plane contact guide rail, or crank connecting rod mechanism. The hydraulic shearing machine uses two oil cylinders instead of two sets of crank connecting rod mechanism.


The pressing device is arranged in front of the blade on the shearing machine, so that the plate is always pressed on the working table during the whole shearing process, so as to avoid the displacement and warping of the plate during shearing. The press is mainly driven by hydraulic pressure.

Rear retaining frame

The rear retaining frame is used to accurately determine the length of the required shear plate. Small shearing machine adopts manual adjustment, and general shearing machine adopts motorized adjustment. In the numerical control shearing machine, the high-speed and large stroke back blocking frame driven by servo or frequency conversion motor, linear guide rail and ball screw is often used. The moving speed can reach 200 ~ 300 mm / s, and the maximum back blocking stroke can reach 1000 mm. The precision of back blocking can reach + – 0.10 mm and the repeated positioning precision is 0.08 mm, which is precisely controlled by the CNC system.

Blade clearance

Blade gap adjustment mechanism is to adapt to different thickness of sheet metal cutting, blade gap should be adjusted according to the thickness of sheet metal, too large or too small gap will damage the blade or tear the plate, affecting the cutting quality.

Pneumatic support device

The pneumatic drag device can drag the sheared plate stably and drop it smoothly, so as to avoid the deformation of the plate.

Other details

Shear angle

The shear angle of the shearer has a great influence on the deformation of the sheared slab. The shear angle is small and the shear quality is good. However, when the shear angle is small, the required shear force increases, which makes the shearer body become bulky. Generally, the shear angle of the plate shears is between 0.5 ° and 3.5 ° and increases with the increase of the thickness of the plate. At present, the shear angle tends to decrease.


The blade of plate shears is a vulnerable part, and generally works in cold state. It is made of alloy steel, with the shape of long strip and the section of rectangle or skew square. At present, the high-grade plate shears are equipped with four blade imported from Germany.


Through the details that should be paid attention to in the process of purchasing the plate shears, we can know that the factory can select the plate shearing machines with appropriate performance and price according to the production needs and budget of the factory. The practical, simple and economical plate shears are the suitab