Which is the best choice for shearing machines: gate shears or swing shears?


When choosing which kind of shearing machine, many new customers don’t know how to choose. We will give you a detailed introduction of the difference between the gate shear and the swing shear. When choosing the shearing machine, they will have doubts about the gate shear and the swing shear. The hydraulic gate shearing machine belongs to the second generation of hydraulic shearing machine. At present, the famous manufacturers all over the world take the production of hydraulic gate shears as the mainstream, and the hydraulic pendulum shears have been basically eliminated. Compared with the hydraulic pendulum shear, the hydraulic gate shear has the advantages of high shearing accuracy, adjustable shearing angle and long service life of cutting edge.


High shearing accuracy of gate shears


  1. The clearance between the edge and the edge of swing type and gate type is 0.04mm. However, the clearance of bearing connection between the swing arm and the swing frame cannot be eliminated, and the error of shearing accuracy between the clearance and the edge clearance is generally more than 0.1mm. However, the back guide rail of the tool holder of the gate type shearing machine is compressed by the bearing with compression spring pad at the back so that there is no clearance between the front and rear guide rails, and the accuracy error of the sum of the clearance and the edge clearance is kept below 0.04mm, so that the shearing material can be smoother and burr free.
  2. Because the cutter body of the tilting shearing machine is arc-shaped, it ensures the straightness of the shearing material by the point contact of the arc, which is not as accurate as that of the gate shearing machine which ensures the straightness of the shearing material by the straight line of the cutter body itself.
  3. The phenomenon of knife passing in the middle of the tool holder body of 4000mm tilting shearing machine is more serious, and part of the cuts in the shearing material have rough edges. This situation cannot be avoided.


Adjustable shearing angle of hydraulic gate shearing machine


When cutting the plate with the thickness less than 20 mm, the pendulum shear can’t adjust the shear angle, so the cut material has twist like twist, the narrower the cut material, the larger the twist deformation. The gate type plate shears can achieve stepless adjustment of the cutting angle, and the cut plate is not easy to twist and deform, so as to ensure the processing accuracy of the workpiece. More importantly, the shear force is stronger when the shear angle increases.


Long service life of hydraulic gate shears


The upper edge of the hydraulic tilting shearing machine cannot be cut by four sides. Because the moving circuit of the cutter body frame of the tilting plate shears is arc-shaped, only the diamond cutting edge can be used for cutting on both sides. The cutter body of the gate type shearing machine moves up and down in a straight line, and its upper and lower cutter faces can be cut by four sides, so the service life of the blade of the gate type shearing machine is twice as long as that of the pendulum type. In comparison, there are still many unsolvable problems in the design of the tilting shearing machine. For example, it is difficult to guarantee the strength of the tool holder body of machine tools with a height of more than 3200mm; it is difficult to fill the lubricating oil of the built-in oil cylinder half round block; the oil cylinder is not easy to repair; the frame is not evenly stressed; the accuracy of the tool gap is difficult to adjust; it is impossible to use the back blocking device for the plates with a shear of less than 20mm, etc.