How to exhaust the hydraulic cylinder of the bender machine


Numerical control bending machine blank holder skills:

Under certain pressure, we can use the bender machine to bend the plate, because it needs to bend a lot of plate types, and the pressure is also very large, so the plate after bending by the equipment can be bent according to the requirements of users, and the efficiency is also very high.


1. Check whether the bender machine die is adjusted flat. If it cannot be pressed, it is likely that the die is damaged. Replace the die in time at this time.

2. You can try to match a pair of knives and a pair of flattening knives for customers. After bending with the machine knife, you can use the flattening knife.

3. By directly modifying the height of the bending die, the downward position of the machine can be controlled to achieve the function of the blank holder.

4. Press a small angle, such as 45 degrees, and then press directly with the flattening die.


Blankholding is a technical activity that requires the user to master the relevant skills and be skilled in the use of the bending machine. In addition to properly increasing the pressure, we can also adjust it by replacing the die.BLANK-HOLDING also needs everyone to be careful, see clearly before operating.


How to exhaust the hydraulic cylinder of the bender:

In fact, some CNC equipment is often used in the whole industrial production, which can not only reduce some manual operations but also improve efficiency. In case the bender gets air, it will become abnormal and not working properly. How to exhaust the hydraulic cylinder?

1. Mixed air will make the running speed of the bender out of order, and sometimes the seals will burn out due to uninterrupted high-pressure operation. Therefore, it is necessary to exhaust the hydraulic cylinder. When exhausting, first reduce the action pressure to about 1MPa, then start the hydraulic cylinder of the bender. At this time, the piston will start to travel repeatedly.


2. Observe whether the vibration of the CNC bender is severe or not. When the piston moves alternately, a piece of gauze is needed to cover the air vent while the valve on and off the CNC bender is used to exhaust.Exhaust gas well.


Make sure the cylinder is sealed and exhausts well while preventing air from entering the cylinder. This is also done to allow the bender to bend various plates more precisely and to maintain normal speed.