Application of Hydraulic Press and Four Column Hydraulic Press


Hydraulic press is an advanced hydraulic machine that uses liquid as a working medium to transfer power and realize various processes. Its working medium can be divided into oil and water, including oil hydraulic press and water hydraulic press. The selection of hydraulic press and the hydraulic press is based on the needs of machine tools. As a kind of hydraulic press, their main function is forging. According to the different process requirements, the requirements of the machine are also different. The oil hydraulic press is only a machine using hydraulic oil as the working medium. Many people in the market think that they are the same, but in fact they are different. Let’s understand the essential difference between the two.

Scope of application

Hydraulic press:

Large working stroke, can exert the maximum working force on the workpiece in the whole stroke, can more effectively forge through the large section forging, no huge impact and noise, good working conditions, less environmental pollution. It is mainly used in various free forging processes of metal materials, such as upsetting, punching, reaming, staggering, rough turning, cutting, bending, stretching, etc.


Single column hydraulic press:

Widely used, suitable for different products processing operations, saving the cost of machine replacement. It can also be used for blanking and stretching of plastic products, stamping of products, stamping of nameplates and pressing of plastic powder products.


Four column hydraulic press:

Aluminum products, die-casting products, magnesium alloy products, hardware products, plastic products cutting, burr punching, powder products pressing, plastic products pressing installation and other multi-purpose; automobile industry, motorcycle industry, motor industry customers favorite business partner.


Difference and contrast

  1. Oil is widely used as working medium in oil hydraulic press. The water hydraulic press uses water with additives.
  2. The sealing effect of the oil press is good because the oil has a suitable viscosity and a good sealing effect, while the water is almost not viscous, so the performance of oil as a hydraulic medium is more suitable than that of water.
  3. Oil itself has a lubricating effect, which can play a good lubricating effect on moving parts in hydraulic system.
  4. Because the oil is well sealed, it also keeps the components from rusting when soaked in the oil.Bubbling components in water accelerates rusting, as water is the reactant of the rust reaction.
  5. Although the internal parts will not rust when soaked in oil, the oil has its disadvantages.Because the hydraulic system leaks, the leaking oil will pollute the environment and the water will not.And the oil is flammable and can be dangerous.Therefore, maintenance of hydraulic system must be done well when using oil press to avoid oil leakage.
  6. Oil is more expensive than water and will cost a little more.

Hydraulic presses are generally used on high-power hydraulic presses, such as 10,000-ton hydraulic presses, which require too much working medium to consider the price of working medium.


Hydraulic presses include the types of oil presses because of their different working media. The two include the relationship between the two. In fact, oil presses are widely used in current market applications and are often referred to as Four Column Hydraulic Press. Hydraulic oil has a smaller compression ratio than water and higher working precision, so it has strong stability. At present, most of the presses used in the market are oil presses, which is commonly referred to as hydraulic presses.

Hydraulic oil press converts mechanical energy into power energy through the operation of hydraulic system devices, in which hydraulic oil plays a very important role. Generally, different types of machines are selected according to different process requirements. The promotion and use of hydraulic press has made an outstanding contribution to the development of China’s machinery manufacturing industry.With the development of our economy, the machinery manufacturing industry is also developing rapidly. After the reform and opening up, we have actively studied and strengthened the economic development. The overall scale of the manufacturing industry has entered the ranks of major international producers. With the continuous exploration and innovation of China’s machinery industry, the overall competitiveness and development potential of hydraulic presses has basically approached the manufacturing level of developed countries.