How to select a medium-speed EDM machine?


Medium-speed EDM belongs to the category of reciprocating high-speed wire-cutting EDM. It realizes multiple cutting functions on high-speed reciprocating wire-cutting EDM and is commonly called “medium-speed wire-cutting”.

So how should we choose our own medium-speed EDM machine? Here are seven main points, let’s take a look!

1.Key precision index of machine tool: unlike other mechanical products, the machine tool without precision is a pile of scrap iron. The key technical index is the quantitative embodiment of the advanced technology of machine tool, avoiding the key technical index and the advanced technology is “flickering”.

2.Continuous stable cutting time: Any cutting efficiency that cannot be processed continuously for more than 24 hours is of no practical value.

3.Continuous and stable cutting area: no matter how rough the surface is, if continuous cutting is not possible and stable 20,000 mm without human intervention²Above, also has no practical value, can only be regarded as a low-end medium wire-cutting machine tool.

4.Stability or consistency accuracy of continuous cutting of multiple parts: dimensional consistency is particularly important when batch continuous machining of dozens or even dozens of identical parts is carried out, or when stepping dies are processed continuously. Be careful! Continuous processing herein refers to operations that do not allow operators to manually detect and compensate the diameter of molybdenum wires, etc.

5.Longitudinal dimension error of upper, middle, and lower positions: When machining thicknesses greater than 100mm, the dimension of upper, middle, and lower positions is prone to “drum” shape error.

6.30°~60°Large taper cutting, avoid surface roughness when taper cutting: true large taper medium wire cutting machine, when processing 60°With large taper the surface roughness can reach Ra < 1.2μM, and without any form of the wire guide, this is more useful.

7.Dependence on operator’s skills: the quality of mid-wire-cutting machine tool is the best if it must rely on the operator’s personal skills to achieve, such a mid-wire-cutting machine tool can only be a low-end product.