• CNC wire cut edm machine


Wire Cutting Machine DK7725M

Warranty:  13 months

Voltage: As customers’ requirement

Color: As customers’ requirement

After-sale service: Available

Brand Name: WMTCNC

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    CNC wire cut EDM machine DK7725M with good rigidity, high precision, low noise, reasonable price, and easy to operate and maintain. And it has a four-axis linkage, wire breaking protection. Especially suitable for mold processing.


    Specification Unit DK7725M
    Maximum workiece size mm 500×400
    Stroke(X/Y) mm 320×250
    Maximum cutting thickness mm 260
    Maximum taper / ±10°/60mm
    Molybdenum wire diameter mm φ0.13-φ0.18
    Wire speed m/min Max.speed 600
    Machine net weight Kg 1500
    Machine dimension mm 1730x1650x1900
    Maximum workpiece weight kg 250
    Water tank filtration precision mm 0.005
    Water tank volume L 110
    Maximum cutting speed mm2/min 200
    Best surface roughness μm ≤Ra0.8
    Maximum working current A 6
    Power KVA 2

    Main Features

    • Maximum cutting speed≥200mm2/min
    • CNC Wire Cut Edm Machine with best surface roughness≤Ra0.8μm
    • Cutting accuracy:≤±2μm
    • HIWIN ball screw with high precision
    • HIWIN linear guide with high stability
    • NSK bearings made in Japan
    • Germany and Japan electrical components
    • Closed-loop control
    • Automatic compensation
    • Automatic wire tensioner
    • X/Y/U/V/Z five axes servo motors
    • X/Y/U/V four axes linkage cutting

    Machine Details of EDM Machine

    CNC wire cut edm machine

    CNC wire cut edm machine


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