• hydraulic brake press


Press Brake Machine WC67Y-160X4000

Type: Horizontal

Warranty:  13 months

Voltage: As customers’ requirement

Color: As customers’ requirement

After-sale service: Available

Brand Name: WMTCNC

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    Totally European design, streamlined looking, Monoblock, Welded steel frame rigid to deflection moment and high tensile with ST44 A1 material. Hydraulic brake press equipped with the Estun user-friendly interface, the E21 provides all main press brake functionality. Automatic tonnage and stroke adjustment for bending angles. Perfect bending results with easy angle input and operation of machine.


    Name Value Unit
    Model WC67Y-160X4000 KN
    Nominal pressure 1600 KN
    Length of working table 4000 mm
    Distance between uprights 3090 mm
    Throat depth 320 mm
    Storke 180 mm
    Open height 440 mm
    Motor power 11 KW

    Main Features

    1.Hydraulic system

    • Adopt an integrated hydraulic control system, more reliable and easy for maintenance. Hydraulic system is from Rexroth, Germany.
    • All pipes, flange and joint with vibrations proof and leakage proof design and setting.
    • All seals in the cylinder are Volqua from Japan, the most famous brand, good quality, and high performance.
    • Overload overflow protection is outfitted to the hydraulic system, which can assure no leakage, and the oil level can be read or seen directly.
    • The hydraulic system is made in compliance with current regulations.


    2.Electrical system

    • Electrical Cabinet under the standard of IP65, Electrical under international CE Standard, safe and reliable, strong anti-interference capability.
    • Protective fence and the safety interlock to ensure operation safety. Have a movable single-hand pedal switch, easy to operate.
    • Front Side Covers with safety switches, Back light safety guards, Foot pedal conforming to CE regulation.


    3.Synchro control system

    • Patented hydro-mechanical system for exact parallelism and a high repeat accuracy
    • The worktable adopts the particular design, reducing the crowning distortion amount of lower tool effectively.
    • Adopt steel torsion bar synchro system, simple in structure and high in accuracy, ensures the parallelism between beams is used for the synchronism.


    4.Mould and dies

    cnc press brake

    • The equipped standard Dies, special non-standard mold is available under client’s requirement according to real workpiece situation.
    • Upper and buttom die can be sectioned according to customer’s requirement.



    • Back gauge fingers with two gauging steps used one for short and the other for long bending depths.
    • Back Gauge positioning fingers move along linear bearings with ±0.05 mm. positioning tolerance.


    6. E21 NC Controller

    • Control for AC motors,frequency inverter
    • Intelligent positioning
    • Stock counter
    • Holding/decompression time setting
    • Program memory of up to 40 programs,up to 25 steps per program
    • One side positioning
    • Retract function
    • One key backup/restore of parameters

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