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Punching machine JH21-160

Warranty:  13 months

Voltage: As customers’ requirement

Color: As customers’ requirement

After-sale service: Available

Brand Name: WMTCNC

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    This series of press adopts rotating key positive clutch,which has a simple structure and is convenient to operate and maintain,achieving smooth operation, low impact and low noise.


    Specifications Unit JH21-160
    Type H S
    Nominal force KN 1600
    Nominal Stroke mm 6 6
    Slide Stroke mm 130 200
    Slide Strokes Per Minute Fixed min-1 60 45
    Variable 40-70 30-55
    Maximum Die Set Height mm 435 400
    Die Height Adjustment mm 100
    Between slide center and frame mm 400
    Columns Distance mm 736
    Bottom size of slide L×R mm 700
    F×B mm 580
    Shank Hole Size Dia mm 70
    Depth mm 100
    Bolster size L×R mm 1175
    F×B mm 760
    Blanking Hole Diameter mm 220
    Bolster Thickness mm 165
    Bolster Surface Height mm 900
    Overall Dimensions F×B mm 2305
    L×R mm 1420
    H mm 3215
    Distance Between Foundation Bolts F×B mm 1665
    L×R mm 1140
    Motor Power Kw 15
    Weight(Approximate) Kg 13600

    Main Features

    • Steel welded body, tempering treatment, high rigidity, accuracy and stability.

    • Vertical located crankshaft, compact structure.

    • The crankshaft undergoes grinding treatment after high frequency quenching;

    • Lengthened rectangular guideway with a surface of bronze plate.

    • Pneumatic dual balance cylinder, which balances the slide block and punch weight to reduce noise and impact.

    • PLC control and imported safety dual valve.

    • Wet clutch and hydraulic overload protector.

    Machine Details

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