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Punching machine J23-80

Warranty:  13 months

Voltage: As customers’ requirement

Color: As customers’ requirement

After-sale service: Available

Brand Name: WMTCNC

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    This series of press adopts rotating key positive clutch,which has a simple structure and is convenient to operate and maintain,achieving smooth operation, low impact and low noise.


    Specifications J23-80 J23-100
    Nominal force 800 1000
    Nominal Stroke 7 7
    Slide Stroke 120 140
    Slide Strokes Per Minute H-Speed
    L-Speed 38 38
    Maximum Die Set Height 440 480
    Die Height Adjustment 90 100
    Throat Depth 350 380
    Distance Between Uprights 450 560
    Bottom size of slide L×R 430 540
    F×B 360 480
    Shank Hole Size Dia 60 60
    Depth 75 75
    Bolster size L×R 950 1080
    F×B 650 710
    Blanking Hole Diameter 200 220
    Bolster Thickness 100 120
    Max Angle of Inclination 20 15
    Bolster Surface Height 850 850
    Overall Dimensions F×B 2060 2404
    L×R 1715 1790
    H 3290 3625
    Distance Between Foundation Bolts F×B 1360 1550
    L×R 1010 1130
    Motor Power 7.5 11
    WeightApproximate) 7390 10800



    Main Features

    • J23-25 open type inclinable press machine is the first to adopt rolling bearing rather than the commonly used sliding bearing(copper bearing) for the transmission gear, making the transmission gear more wear-resistant and avoiding loud noises of gears caused by the quickly worn copper bearing;
    • The 80T level and above press machine all adopt the structure of pneumatic dual balance cylinder,chich has small fluctuation of the balancec force and it balances the slider and the upper die, chich can cause the lathe unstable.
    • And it can also avoide the clsah and noise caused by the converse force of gears in transmission, and avoid accidents cause by the falling of slider when the brake fails or the connecting rod ruptures.

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